5 Reasons Why Conducting Employment Background Screening is Important

Employment background screening is one of the important recruitment steps that are conducted by every major company around the world. Many believe that conducting employment background checks benefits the company in many ways.

In fact, as per the NAPBS survey conducted in 2017 it was reported that almost 96% of participating organizations conducted employment background checks. Their belief is that the process of employment screening ensures safety of the existing employees, customers and the company itself.

However, there’s more to employment background screening than protecting the company, customers and current employees working. To find out the importance of employment background screening let’s take a look at some reasons how the process benefits the company.

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1.    Ensures safety of the workplace and existing employees

As an employer it is your obligation to keep the workplace safe and secure. Without a proper background check of recruiting employees, you cannot be sure whether the employee is safe to be hired or not.

There are countless stories of crime conducted by employees and jeopardizing the safety of the workplace and other employees working. Conducting thorough background checks of hiring employees makes sure that the company is protected from criminal activities such as bankruptcy, insider trading, fraud, etc.

Anything suspicious or offensive in your employee’s past will be revealed to you if you choose to conduct employment background checks. Therefore, ensuring safety of the current working employee and the overall workplace environment.

2.   Enhances the quality of new recruitment

Recruitment is a difficult procedure. With the right recruitment, your company can flourish to the heights of success and with wrong hiring, your company can suffer from great repercussions.

In order to make sure that you recruit the right employee and improve the overall quality of the recruitment procedure, conducting employee background checks is important. Employment background screening brings out the intangibles that usually cannot be found in a resume.

Licenses and other educational documents are checked which brings out the track record of the candidate considered for recruitment. All in all, thorough employment background screening will improve the new recruitment procedure quality.

3.   Prevents callous hiring liability

Callous or negligent hiring is a claim that is made against the employer in case any party is injured through a recruited employee. The injured party claims that the employer should have made the necessary background check and known about the recruited candidate’s history.

In such cases, the employer as well as the company can go through great losses. Therefore, in order to prevent negligent hiring that could increase company liability, it is important to conduct employment background checks.

The check will reveal the entire history of the recruiting candidate and will also show any falsified information on the resume provided by the candidate at the time of recruitment. You will greatly reduce the risk of callous hiring liability if you conduct thorough employment background screening.

4.   Reduces any potential losses

Hiring an incompetent employee can not only result in company losses but the company could also face litigation if any such situation arises. Therefore, the amount of money spent on employment background screening is nothing in comparison to the losses that would be suffered because of wrong hiring.

Hence, it is mandatory to go through background checks of the recruiting employees as well as the current employees working. You will be reducing great potential company losses by going through this step.

5.   Avoid negative company image and publicity

We all know how much it affects the reputation of a company if the company suffers from bad publicity and negative image. It not only loses the chance of valuable partnership but also candidates will be hesitant to apply to the company.

One of the benefits of conducting an employment background check is that it helps in maintaining the good reputation of the company. After all, employees are the ones that represent the company brand and its image.

With proper background checks of the employee, it becomes possible to recruit genuine and talented candidates. Therefore, maintaining a good image and reputation of the company.

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