5 Things to Follow Before Selling Your Old Phone

Are you looking forward to selling your used or old phone? Well, instead of contributing to the e-waste and keeping your old phone without any use, it is a smart move to sell your phone on a suitable platform.

If you have a Samsung device then you could opt for the Samsung buyback program, whereas there are plenty of other options to sell your phone for some cash. But before you sell your old or used phone anywhere, there are certain important things that you need to follow.

In order to carry out the process of selling your used or old phone smoothly with no safety issues, you need to make sure of certain things. Keep reading till the end to learn all the important things that you need to follow before selling your old phone on any platform.

1.    Performing a phone back up

Don’t forget to back up your data before you sell your phone. We save a plethora of important files, documents, photos, videos, etc. in our phone and you wouldn’t want them to get lost, right?

If you have an auto-back up then half of your hassle is solved as all your data will be saved in cloud storage. However, if you don’t have auto backup then make sure to perform backup of all your data before you put up your old or used phone for sale.

You can either choose to back up online on cloud or G drive depending on your device or you can manually back up your phone’s data by connecting to your laptop or PC.

2.   Unpairing all the connected devices

To save yourself from hassle and make the selling process convenient make sure to unpair all the connected devices with your smartphone. When we use our smartphone, there are several other devices that are connected and in use.

Devices such as your smart watch or Bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc. might not pair with your new smartphone if the old one is still connected to it. Therefore, you need to check whether the devices are unpaired and ready or not.

Go to the settings of your smartphone and generally under the section of Connected device you’ll be able to disable the devices. Depending on your smartphone, the setting for unpairing the device may vary.

No matter what, make sure to check the connected devices and unpair before you sell your used or old phone.

3.   Signing out of all the accounts

You don’t want any privacy issues or security concerns when you sell away your old phone. Therefore, you need to make sure that all of your accounts are signed out from your smartphone.

Google, Dropbox, Facebook or any other in-built platforms should be signed out permanently. After all, you wouldn’t want anybody to go snooping around in your accounts and extract private data.

The general steps to sign out of accounts is by going to the “Settings” and look under the section Accounts. Here, the user will find all the signed in accounts which can be tapped one by one to sign out.

Sign out of the Google account last so that you don’t run into hassle.

4.   Performing the Factory Reset command

Once you are done performing all of the above enumerated steps, it’s time for you to put in the Factory Reset command. The factory reset command puts back the status of your phone to its default setting.

The Factory Reset will permanently delete everything from your smartphone and restore it back to the way it was when you first bought your smartphone. This setting will save you the hassle of erasing any remaining data which you might have forgotten to erase previously.

5.   Removing SIM card from the slot

Don’t forget to remove the SIM card from the SIM slot before putting up your smartphone for sale. To save the hassle and speed up the process of selling your old or used phone, make sure to remove the SIM card.

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