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Apple’s iPad brand always seems like a strange one. I personally love the design of Apple’s tablets and feel they are simple and elegant. When it comes to touchscreen devices, Apple seems to have a large amount of market share, due to their excellent products. There are many competitors for the iPad in the market, and no one knows which tablet will take off first. There are very strong competitors in the market from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and many others. For me, there is only one reason Best Apple iPads will survive in the market in the long run.

That reason is the price.

Apple products are usually very expensive to buy. The most expensive iPhone is $1,000, and the most expensive iPad is $330. Of course, this can be justified by the features Apple offers and brand, but many people do not spend that much money on an electronic device.

No matter how you look at it, Apple’s products are rather expensive for the general public, and for the average people who just want to own a tablet. There are many competitors in the market which offer similar devices, but the price is not that high. So in 2021, we will probably see many competitors in the tablet market.

Despite the above, Apple does have the advantages of being a manufacturer of technology. People will likely keep buying Apple tablets, because they are familiar and they have a quality product.

Will we see Apple start a new chapter in its history and introduce the iWatch, iMac and possibly even an Apple car? That remains to be seen, but I believe that the iPad and the Apple brand will remain the most popular and profitable Apple product.

The Apple Store.

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Facts About Apple’s iPad

Back in 2010, the iPhone 4 was the first device to feature the 4-inch retina display. Many people thought it would be a hit and customers will want it for a few years. The first devices to feature a 4-inch retina display were the iPad Air and the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Apple launched the iPad 2 in 2012, which featured a smaller screen, but the tablet still included a multitouch screen and the same multitouch display.
  • Apple decided to launch a new, bigger iPad in 2010, featuring a large 10.5 inch screen. This iPad was called the iPad 2.
  • In 2011, Apple launched the iPad 3 with the following features: A7 Processor, 8MP Camera, 4G, and a 3G option. This tablet is now known as the iPad Air.
  • In 2012, Apple launched the iPad Mini 2 with a faster processor and WiFi connectivity, which was considered a huge step up in terms of performance.
  • In 2013, Apple released the iPad Air 2 with a faster processor and new features. This model is now known as the iPad Pro.
  • In 2015, Apple released the iPad Air 2, which featured some new software features.
  • In 2016, Apple released the iPad Pro 9.7-inch model with a significantly larger screen, and a new processor.

Future iPad Specifications

The iPad Pro model will have a 12.9-inch display and an A10X chip, which will improve performance. The screen will also have slimmer bezels.

There will be a 10.5-inch model which will have a slimmer bezel, a Smart Keyboard, and a fingerprint scanner. Further if you want to buy iPad for PUBG Mobile. I Suggested to you buy Latest model of iPad like iPad Mini 2019. Which provide Smooth gameplay with high lag. And iPad Mini 5 also provide Smooth gameplay Without Using PUBG Mobile lag fix App.

The iPad Air model will keep the 11-inch screen size, but will be the least powerful iPad model Apple has ever released.

The MacBook Air will feature a Retina Display.

Apple may release an iPad Pro with a USB-C port for ports. Apple has been focusing on its Apple watch, which supports a USB-C port.


I have always been a fan of Apple products and I own many of its products. I was a buyer of an iPad every year and I started to buy a Mac every few years.

Apple products have always been incredibly well built and powerful, but now the company is actually entering the smartphone and tablet markets. 

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