How Can Influencer Marketing Platforms Connect Brands With Influencers?

Is influencer marketing part of your brand promotion strategy?

If yes, you are already on the right path.

If not, it isn’t late yet. Hop on the bandwagon and get the benefit of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is becoming the most preferred tool for brands to connect with their target audiences. With brand ads not converting into sales, brands are desperate to reach out to the audiences. Influencers fill this gap effectively. They subliminally endorse products getting the audience to believe in them. Also, with the young generation glued to the social media channels on their mobiles, it augurs well for brands to invest in influencer marketing.   

How can brands find influencers?

Yes, this is the real challenge. And admittedly, finding the best influencers is challenging for more than 60% of the brands.

It is easy to find influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, or YouTube. But the problem is to get the perfect influencers whose follower demographic matches the brand’s intended audience. The brands also have to consider the influencer engagement rate. All the time, effort, and money are wasted if the brand collaborates with the wrong influencer.

So, an easy and best solution is to opt for the services of platforms meant to connect brands with the perfect influencers. An influencer marketing platform makes it easy for brands to find influencers in their niche and collaborate for campaigns. It also designs influencer marketing campaigns making it easy for brands to benefit and generate brand awareness and sales.

How can influencer marketing platforms connect brands with niche influencers?

Brands struggling to find relevant influencers can have it easy with an influencer marketing platform. It serves as an open platform for brands and influencers to find, connect, and form a long-term relationship.  

  1. Find niche influencers

An influencer marketing platform is an excellent way to find influencers whose follower demographic matches the brand’s intended audience. Brands can select influencers based on follower count or engagement rates. The macro- or the mega-influencers have a high follower count but are heavy on the pocket. The micro-influencers have a follower count in the range of 10k to 50k. They have a high engagement rate and are affordable too.  

  1. Influencers for any social media account

The influencer marketing platform has a vast repository of influencers for all the popular social media channels. So, brands can find influencers for Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter here. Brands can also find macro-influencers, regular influencers, or micro-influencers for a variety of niches. From fashion and lifestyle to fitness and games, brands can collaborate with relevant influencers for product endorsements.   

  1. Invite influencers

Brands can skip the task of finding influencers on the platform. Instead, they have to fill a form detailing their brand information, campaign budget, and needs. Just like in freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr, the interested influencers bid for the offer. The brands then select the best from the bids and collaborate with them.    

  1. Pay only for completed campaigns

In business, there is always this worry of non-payment of dues. Some of the brands do not pay the influencers. Also, sometimes, the influencers do not deliver the campaigns after taking money from brands. But with influencer marketing platforms, the money remains with them till the influencer fulfills the campaign. In case of failure to perform the endorsement, the money is credited back to the brand. Similarly, the influencers are assured of payment once they fulfill the ads.  

  1. Get custom influencer campaigns

All said and done, what if brands find it challenging to create influencer campaigns? Here also, the influencer marketing platform helps brands by designing campaigns based on their needs. The platform acts as a one-stop-shop for brands to hire influencers and get their campaigns created. The ads are customized to fit their niche and budget.  

  1. Dedicated account manager

Many of the influencer marketing platforms offer a dedicated account manager to the brands for effective campaign management. This service helps brands modify or scale the campaigns whenever needed. Also, they can hire multiple micro-influencers for brand endorsements without having to worry about managing the campaign.     

  1. Manage campaigns with ease

The best result from an influencer marketing campaign is when brands go in for the A/B technique. Here, brands run more than two influencer campaigns with different strategies and a common goal to find which one works the best for them. The best campaign is retained and boosted while the others are tweaked for better performance.  

  1. Track the progress of the campaigns

The influencer marketing platforms design conversion-optimized campaigns to get brands favorable outcomes. They also generate detailed reports about the campaigns. The platforms offer a dashboard to the brands to view the collaborations and analyze the campaign reports. The impressions, engagement rate, and cost per click can be studied from here.    

  1. Save time, effort, money

The essential benefit of an influencer marketing platform is that they help brands save time, effort, and money. It minimizes the effort of brands and gets them their influencers easily. Moreover, it designs campaigns and tracks them so that brands do not have to spend time designing and analyzing the campaign and its results.  

What should brands look for in an influencer marketing platform?

As said earlier, an influencer marketing platform should help the brand find genuine influencers. Before forging a partnership, brands and influencers should ensure brand fit. Also, the platform should have a good amount of quality influencers on its list across all social media channels. See if your platform has the option of selecting macro- or a micro-influencer. It will help you hire high-quality influencers to diversify your bet.   

Other than this, the platform should offer native advertising campaign services. It should help brands with designing conversion-optimized campaigns. It has to track and analyze the results and give campaign reports. If your influencer marketing platform accomplishes all these, it is good to hire its services.

Let’s Wrap It Up For Now

In today’s competitive world, brands have to find innovative ways to reach their audience. Influencer marketing can be the ideal tool for brands to achieve this. An influencer marketing platform successfully connects brands with niche influencers. Brands have to leverage these platforms to collaborate with influencers and connect with the audiences. What are your thoughts on this?

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