How can Vastu bring change in your life?

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu architectural system that directs the design and layout of any property to culminate peace and progress in a resident’s life. You will be dumbfounded to know how significant changes Vastu can bring into your life. A few changes in the layout of a home or office can result in success and prosperity in our life. 

Even at some places, the urban planning gets started with Vastu, and layout is designed according to Vastu interpretations. So, you cannot term Vastu as a superstitious belief; instead, it is a more impactful approach concerning the future. 

However, if you have your home but the design is not aligned with Vastu Shastra, you can still make some changes to attract positive energies. All you need is to make changes in your house but without disturbing the construction. See what Vastu experts have for you.

  1. The entrance

The entrance of your home or office is the first view of the house and you. So, ensure it is appealing and captivating. According to Vastu Shastra, the entrance door should be north-facing or northeast facing. 

Always use high-quality material for the door and avoid using any fancy decoration material. Make sure the tower of the entrance door is higher than other doors of your house. The colour of the door should not be black, and ensure you do not have a bathroom nearby your entrance. 

The entrance should always be clean, and avoid keeping shoe racks or dustbins at the entrance. To keep the entrance positive, get a designer nameplate or torans but avoid using animal figures or any negative picture. 

2.The living room

The first impression is the last. Your living room leaves the first impression on your guests, so make sure you leave a positive and impactful impression. To begin with, keep your living room clean and synchronized, ensure everything in place. 

A north-east or north-west facing living room effectively cataracts more positive energy. However, you can align the appliances or decoration according to Vastu to balance the energy.


The bedroom is the intimate space for your house, and thus it affects your life the most. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing bedroom decor and the colour palate. Mostly the colour of your bedroom should be light, and the curtains should be preferable of lighter range. Also, try to keep the bed clean and do not use extra pillows.

Place your mirror adjacent to your bed or at an angle where you do not see yourself on the bed. Ensure you have proper ventilation in the room and avoid having a temple in the bedroom. 

The bottom line

These were the few Vastu tips to bring positive energies to your house so you get the most peaceful and prosperous life. Vastu has enormous effects, so choose wisely before you start planning your house. For more personalized Vastu tips, consult online Vastu experts available on Weastro. Get the perfect solution according to your personal space in a few minutes. 

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