Inexpensive but quality makeup tools that you should buy

A personal makeup set does not have to be expensive, this article will share with you the simplest cheap personal makeup set that still ensures quality. For those who are new to makeup or students with a tight budget. And the cheap price here is that we will choose popular brands, and at the same time remove some products. Not because you want to save money but choose poor quality products.

What do Inexpensive but quality makeup tools include?

Even if it’s a personal makeup set, you also need to have cleansing and skincare products to help. Otherwise, your makeup will not be able to perform to its full potential.


With face wash, depending on your skin type, you choose a suitable cleanser. Usually, the face wash is a product that is easy to find, easy to buy, but difficult to suit the skin. I don’t know about you, but after more than 2 3 years from the day I knew how to use cosmetics, I found myself a suitable facial cleanser. 

A suitable face wash is both able to clean and does not dry or dehydrate the skin. You can refer to the Senka Perfect Whip cleanser. It costs less than $5 and comes with a foam net.  Moreover, there are many discount codes, coupons included to help you save money on purchases, very suitable for students.

Lotion ( Lotion or Emulsion )

Please note that it is only 1 of the 2, not both, the effects of Lotion and Emulsion are relatively similar, so there is no need to use both, both expensive and the wrong way. People prefer to use Lotion because this is more suitable for their skin to moisturize than Emulsion. A good emulsion or emulsion is that it must penetrate the skin quickly and moisturize skin. 

With skincare before makeup, just these 2 products are enough to reach an acceptable level. Emphasize again that it’s just not enough, guys, if you care and love your skin, you should buy a full set of skincare so that your skin gets the best care before and after makeup.

Next, the order of products that need to be in a makeup set is as follows:

Foundation step (BB cream, CC cream, DD cream, or Cushion )

Please note that with the background step, you should only use 1 of the 4 types above. In BB Cream, CC Cream, DD Cream, or foundation, the ingredients are already a primer, so you don’t need to use a separate primer step.


If your skin is beautiful, you can skip concealer. However, if the skin has many defects, you must invest in one. Depending on the type of defect, you can use a cream or compact concealer. With red acne spots, dark pants under the eyes, nose wings .. should use cream concealer, with dark freckles, you should use compressed concealer.

Remember to choose a concealer with the same tone as the background because if it’s lighter or darker than the background, your flaws will not be revealed. Because my skin also has few defects, you should also use gentle concealers, not too thick or long-lasting.

Eyebrow pencil

This is a must-have product. And if you are planning to do makeup, you should trim your eyebrows to have a slimmer shape. If you have tattooed your eyebrows, you also need to press a little to make your eyebrows more defined, even if you don’t wear makeup, your slender eyebrows will be much better looking. Of course, you shouldn’t trim my eyebrows too thin and small, just trim them neatly and have a little shape is ok.

With an eyebrow pencil, we also recommend that you do not use tear lead. We know tear lead is the most popular and cheapest in today’s market. Even when you do makeup, the experts often use a pencil to tear off your makeup. But as you know, most of the tear-free lead on the market is of unknown origin, so if you use it for a long time, it will have a bad effect on your face as well as your eyes. So if you like to use tearing lead, then look for tearing lead of reputable cosmetic brands with clear origin. Otherwise, you use the flat lead of Korean brands, just twist it up and use it without wasting time tearing the lead. 


Lipstick is too simple, almost everyone has bought themselves a few lipsticks, right? You can refer to some cheap lipstick lines that are popularly sold on e-commerce sites with many discount codes and coupons that are of very good quality.


Although it is not a makeup product, it is the most important product in my makeup process. If you are looking for makeup but don’t want to buy makeup remover because you think the cleanser is clean enough, we recommend you don’t wear makeup. Because that only harms your skin more and makeup at this time will not make you more beautiful, but it becomes poison for your skin.

After all, makeup is just a temporary solution to help you cover up your skin imperfections and look better at some point. As for cleaning the skin, helping to prevent acne or all other skin problems is the most important thing you need to aim for. Because no one can do makeup 24/24, right guys. Therefore, you must use makeup remover so that after makeup, your skin will still be beautiful and smooth 


The products here are just suggestions, you can choose other types as long as it suits you. And finally, this is an incomplete makeup set, it is for those of you who want to save money on makeup but still have complete face makeup. If you have the conditions, you should buy yourself a more complete makeup set to make the makeup more perfect and beautiful.

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