The evolution of Animated sales video marketing

Business videos, especially animated videos are popping up everywhere for marketing and acting as a powerful message from the past few years. An animated sales video is an accurate answer to too many marketing queries. Whiteboard animation software videos are very much creative in applying marketing strategies in the business. Creative marketing is something that focuses upon the soulfulness or interaction you made with your customers.

In the past few years, animation marketing has become a whole new creative marketing strategy for many businesses worldwide. As per many marketers, Explainer animated video is the top marketing practice that actually works because it sets an emotional connection in customers and the product to stand out in future.

The rise of animation industry

you may have seen many varieties of animation like motion graphics and whiteboard animation in marketing but have you ever thought of when this all started? So, it was when cartoons like Mickey mouse, Popeye, Oswald and such more. Most of the cartoon characters were created by Disney. In the late 1920s and 1960s, animation first entered in TV advertisements. All those cartoon characters are still in our hearts.

The evolution of video marketing has been very speedy from the past decade. That is why in 2006, Google then realised how productive videos are, and then bought YouTube after a year.

Videos are informative and effective in today’s era mainly in these three different mediums:-

  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • Smartphones

These are the three platforms where marketing and innovation has taken place because of animated videos.


Blendtec and dove sparks beauty started video commercials in their campaigns. This was the time when all businesses pointed their eyes on video marketing.


This was the time when many people started posting content on YouTube and started earning a decent money. Many creators were earning a good amount generating from YouTube only and getting millions of views with fame too.


This was the time when “our spice”  created their first interactive video and started their campaign by introducing their brand to the target generation. This was the time when promotional video campaigns started taking rise in this industry.


Metro trains launched their innovative video campaign through its “dumb ways to die” app.


This year superstars played an appreciable role in many campaigns and in this way it got a big rise. Many celebrities started performing challenges like ice bucket challenge and this is how the video industry started growing.

Where is it today?

Today animation has become the symbol of loyalty and engagement. Animated advertisements and videos help to communicate in a very understanding manner so that difficult to difficult concepts can be memorized in a very simple and logistic way. Animation provides opportunities to companies to introduce themselves in an extraordinary manner. And hence, an animation explainer video is the most powerful tool of a digital marketer in this technical world. Many companies consider company heroes or remarkable characters who can act as brand ambassadors and can become a truly unique personality in future also. It is just like every company has its different logo and apparently becomes part of their identity. So, who/what is your brand’s Hero?

What opportunities animation opens for businesses?

Animation is a kind of promotion where characters work for the brand, can also be used over many years and evolve permanently with the brand. 

1.Engaging yet interesting

Audiences like to watch explainer animated videos because animated videos visualise your Idea, your thoughts, your emotions in a very beautiful graphical way. What’s your opinion, how do you feel when you see an animated TV advertisement? 

2. Most shared type of content

The remarkable characters of the animated videos force people to share it in their circle and it brings out the exciting flavour of your content. You can post an animated promotional video on your social media page and see how engaging it is, how it increases your sales! You’ll be shocked after the result. 

3.Cheaper than any other type.

Believe me or not, animated videos are cost effective and you can easily afford them. An animation video maximizes your audience and hence, minimises your efforts.

You can also go through email marketing. If you are creating your profile on LinkedIn, Google my business page; you can embed your video there. An animated  video can give a quick overview of your site. Rather than reading your content, the audience can see your site’s overview and can share it to their friend circle. 

4. Best at its reach

You can create a video which is enjoyable, interesting, funny, creative and informative at the same time so that people will ultimately share your video. People usually share their video with their friends when they find it interesting and enjoyable. You should try to conceptualize your idea in such a way that it is interesting, informative, creative and funny at the same time. 

So, this was all about this blog, you can contact our video production company The ESSENCE STUDIOS for any type of help. You can visit our site for more details. Good luck.

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