Top Investment Options In 2021

Today, numerous investment options are flooding the financial market. However, every funding avenue has its unique features and benefits to offer. It depends on the different investors, their objectives and needs to choose the right option for themselves. 

In India, it is observed that the basic meaning of investing is highly misunderstood. People tend to get it confused with insurance policies and tax-saving processes. Some might even fail to understand the concept and end up sticking with low returns alternatives such as bank fixed deposits. They need to clear their facts that investing is the source of wealth creation. It is not just a capital safety tool rather it offers capital gains and a way to overcome inflation too. 

There are different kinds of investments like low risk, high return investments etc., available in the market. You have to select a variant according to your budget, interest rate and goal alignment.

So, here in this article, we will tell you the top avenues of investing under the two major kinds of investments to try out for better security and returns. Trade FX Nigeria

Low-risk investment options

The below-mentioned points are the prime low-risk investment options for people who want a stable income with negligible risk. 

  • Bank fixed deposits

If you are searching for a short term asset management option then opening a fixed bank account can be a suitable one. It is where you can get your lump-sum cash maintained for a minimum period of 7 days to 10 years depending upon your withdrawal. 

  • Corporate deposits

This type of deposit scheme is made for corporate account holders. The interest rate offered is, however, more than other general and valid deposit schemes. So, it can be considered by working individuals to manage their money with earning interest on fixed time intervals.

  • Recurring deposits

It is similar to fixed deposits as it also caters for the need for short term funding. The only thing which makes it differ from F.D schemes is that it allows investments at regular intervals instead of in a lump sum. This characteristic makes recurring deposits more favourable by people than any other low-risk investments.

High-return investments

Some investing options have the highest returns and have the minimal effect of inflation. However, it includes a higher risk of losing capital. But, this is the basic mantra of increased returns funding options. So, investors who are willing to invest earn huge profits and are ready to take calculated risks. Below are the best kinds of investments prevailing in the market.

  • Cryptocurrencies

One of the best investment options to invest in is cryptos. These are the virtual currencies that were first introduced in the year 2009 as bitcoins. Today, there are a plethora of digital assets available in the crypto market. But the best cryptocurrency in the world, including India, preferred by most people is the long live bitcoin. It is a decentralised currency with its own blockchain network. You can buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies with other fiat currencies. 

Being not validated by government authorities, cryptos have the liberty to regulate price accordingly. Many firms have also started lending cryptos to others at specific interest rates. So, what are you waiting for? If you have decided to invest your capital with the high-risk option, then cryptocurrency is the one for you. Furthermore, bitcoin is the most popular and rewarding altcoin among others. So, if you want to start with it, you can buy bitcoin from various crypto exchanges. However, they are extremely volatile so you need to be cautious in every step.

  • Equity investing

It is one of the oldest methods of investing capital to earn huge returns. It was first practised by the Dutch East India company in the 18th century. Till now it is in use and many investors consider equity investing when it comes to taking high-risk investment options. 

This method involves investing in the equity shares of the company. Furthermore, these companies are listed in the stock exchanges such as the Bombay stock exchange or the National stock exchange.

The trading occurs in the exchange platforms and the increase and decrease in prices are encountered due to the performance of the particular company.  The income is dependent on dividend profit sharing and capital gains.


There are several other options available to make money by investing, apart from the above mentioned major methods. However, the purpose of investing always varies in wealth creator’s objectives and risk-taking abilities. 

Therefore, to have desired results, you must understand various aspects of every asset management tool. It will help you to make the right decision.  Also, it is recommended to do adequate research on your end to be more satisfied with your investment selection.

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