What is an anxiety attack? How to stop anxiety attacks?

Anxiety is an emotion that is caused due to feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes such as increased blood pressure. People with anxiety disorders usually have repeated intrusive thoughts or concerns.

What is an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attacks are also referred to as panic attacks are basically the episodes of intense panic or fear. These panic attacks mostly occur without any prior warning or feeling but in some cases, they are triggered such as before a speech in front of an audience, being stuck in an elevator, seeing someone closer who frightens you etc.

The duration of panic attacks is not more than 30 minutes but in most cases it ends in 10 minutes even but those 10 minutes are so terrible that the patient may feel dying or losing control and can’t do anything to get out of the situation. The symptoms are so terrifying that the patient thinks that he is having a heart attack and even after the attack they fear having another one. It is very embarrassing at a public place where people hardly find any help or a way to escape from the scene.

However, panic attacks are treatable. They can be treated easily through medication as well as counselling. There are several anti-anxiety medications easily available in the market and can help you get rid of the fearful and embarrassing situation.

Symptoms of anxiety attacks

The symptoms may include:

·       Extreme panic

·       Feeling as if lost or going crazy

·       Chest pain

·       Feeling as if you are dying

·       Choking sensation

·       Trouble breathing or short breathing

·       Nausea or stomach cramps

·       Shivering with chills

·       Feeling disconnected

What are the different types of anxiety disorders that eventually cause anxiety attacks?

It is really important to know what are the factors that actually effects on the mental and physical health of the patients if they experience anxiety that eventually leads to the attacks. There are symptoms of such disorders and if they are seen in someone then they can be treated. Some of them are:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

In this type of disorder, you continuously feel worried and distracted due to unseen fear that does not let you concentrate on your daily activities and make you think that something bad is going to happen anytime. People with this type of disorder go through fear without any reason. Such people are found with symptoms like insomnia, stomach diseases, fatigue etc.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCS)

If you find yourself surrounded with the unwanted thoughts or behaviors that seem impossible to stop then you are suffering from OCD. OCD makes you feel worried with a recurring thought that you forgot to turn the stove off after cooking and now you can’t go back to check and by the time you will go home you will see things burning around. In this disorder you may undergo uncontrollable compulsions such as washing hands again and again without any reason.


A phobia is basically an unreal or exaggerated fear of a particular object, activity or situation that does nothing in real. Some common phobias include fear of animals like snakes, cats, etc. fear of flying or height phobia, fear of water etc. In severe phobia you may just avoid the things you are scared of but unfortunately, avoiding the objects makes the phobia stronger.

How to stop Panic Attacks?

There are several ways to stop panic attacks such as:

·   Take Deep Breath: This way the person can help control the breathing difficulty during the panic attack. It is a very common practice and people do recover in a minute or two from the attack.

·   Smell some Lavender: Lavender plays an important role in curing panic attacks as it simply brings relaxation to the nerves.

·   Visit a Peaceful Spot: Enjoy your time at a peaceful spot and think about what you like will surely give you a feeling of relaxation. Sitting in a quiet place will help you concentrate more on how to cope with the attack and to get over with the situation you are in.

·   Focus on an Object: This is the best way to divert your feelings from one thing to another. While feeling the attack is approaching, start thinking about something you like, you want to buy etc. it will surely help you feel relieved.

·   Take Help: If the attack occurs at your workplace, tell your colleague or friend how they can help you feel relaxed. There are several ways people can help you divert your attention and by making you focus on different things.

·   Take Medicine: Taking medicine is one of the very useful ways of diverting your attention from one scene to another.

Which medicine can help in overcoming panic Attacks?

There are several medications that are designed to control panic attacks and one of them is Diazepam 10 mg from the Sleeping Pills Shop has amazing effects and can bring instant relief to you once you take it.

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