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The magic of fabrics: A guide to best fabrics for summer and winter

The weather and temperature of every season may affect the comfort of your homes. This is especially for summer and winter as the difference in temperature is high which in turn influences the ideal fabric for such season. 

    There is a lot to consider when changing your fabrics when the change of season comes which is the texture, transparency, colors, functionality, and also the comfort. One of the fabrics that require changing to bring influence and adapt to the season is the choice of curtains. Trade only fabric supplier for variety of available fabrics to choose from.

Best curtain fabrics for Summer

Sheer curtains

    These type of fresh fabrics prioritizes aesthetics rather than functionality. It is thin which makes it transparent. Usually, these serve as an inner layer to a heavier curtain behind a blind.

Voile – The fresh fabrics of a voile fabric permits light selectively in your home while also giving privacy.

Lace – the weave of this fabric makes it perfect as a sheer curtain. However, this can be expensive.

Nylon Net – its structure is knitted, although not as fine as voile.

Eyelet Cotton Fabric – the small eyelets in the fresh fabric of this type allows an open weave.

Muslin – This type of fabric may not be fine like the others, but it is lightweight and cheap.

Gauze – the open weave appearance is brought by its super sheerness and special leno weave. 

Regular curtains

    These fresh fabrics for curtains are not transparent but allow the drapery to fall gracefully. Moreover, it has more threads in terms of its count.

Cotton – Adding lining can increase the strength and durability of cotton fabric. This is also a common and widely used fabric for summer as it comes in various ranges or aesthetics and the functionality does not fail the purpose.

Best curtain fabrics for Winter

    Addressing the needs inside the household is as important as the aesthetics each fresh fabrics serve. In a cold season, it would be important that the choice of your fabric – like for your curtains – provides blockage of winter chills from getting into your homes producing less comfort for the people living inside most especially during winter.

Chenille – these fresh fabrics may contain cotton, silk, rayon, or wool. This fabric is commonly used either as a curtain or even as an upholstery fabric. 

Polyester – If you like nylon fabrics, but need to opt for something thicker for winter, polyester curtain fabrics are perfect for you. Wanting something lighter and at the same time, polyester fabric is possible by some polyester blends. These fabrics can be washable which ensures resistance to fading. 

Velvet – The best thing about velvet fresh fabrics is that it blocks the cold out which provides insulation inside your homes. The thickness does not just block out the sound, but also the light. Hence, if you desire to welcome light inside during winter for better interior lighting, this fabric may not be suitable for you.

Cotton – Against sheer cotton fabric, fabrics made of cotton that are good for winter provide a clean look that may be suitable for interior designs with modern and traditional themes. In selecting which cotton fabric is perfect for your home during winter, it is best to pick fresh fabrics made of tighter cotton threads to serve its purpose of keeping the cold out. The thing about these cotton fabrics is that is do not just go in various designs but are also cheap.

Wool – Wool is a fabric that is thick and heavy. The main purpose of choosing a fabric for winter is to provide comfort during the cold season which is something that a wool fabric can serve. However, it may not be easy to wash compared to other fresh fabrics.

Flannel – sewing flannel between lining fabric and exterior of a curtain fabric builds a layer of isolation that allows insulation during winter.

Mohair – the fiber of this fabric is special which makes it good for winter. This fabric ensures aesthetic to be retained as well as providing texture with a luxury feel. There are various ways of using this fabric, but the most common and popular is for upholstery fabrics. Basically, insulation is that the main purpose of this fabric.

Keep it warm!

    In cold temperatures, it is important to keep your body temperature regulated in order to function in your daily life. Fabrics can bring an influence in ensuring that this will not just be fulfilled but also provides the comfort you need in the season where it calls one to stay at home.

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