Lookah Seahorse Max Dab Pen

What do you know about dab pens?

So firstly, let me tell you people about the dab pens, also known as the wax or weed pens. These special pens allow you to vape oily waxes like the budder, crumber, shatter, and many others like this. Here I’ll discuss the lookah seahorse max dab pen but firstly, get some brief introduction on the functionality of the dab pens.

Thus these oily waxes mainly come from the dry herbs’ concentrate that produces the particular concentrated oil. Hence the most exciting feature that I like about these dab pens is that with these pens, you can enjoy dabbing even while moving. Additionally, you’ll not need any vaping rig or lighter to burn your herbs. Isn’t it amazing, right?

Another interesting thing that’s quite awesome is that the dab pens are highly portable, easy to carry, operate, and clean. Nowadays, these pens are getting enough popularity, especially among the youth. The max dab pens have zero combusting features and thus provide the users healthy vapes without any smoke.

Lookah Seahorse Max Dab Pen Review

So guys, as we all know that smoking the waxy oils with the tactful mode has never been an easier task for most smokers. But now, with this lookah seahorse max dab pen, you can enjoy powerful hits like never before. Therefore, now the dab pens have taken the place of vaporizers as these pens are easy to operate and carry.

The max dab pen from lookah is available in various designs and colors, and these dab pens are similar to the e-cigars. Hence, it becomes hard to distinguish between the two, but still, the lookah seahorse max dab pen is superior in features and performance. So be ready to enjoy your concentrated oil extracted from the dry herbs in great hits.

Lookah Seahorse Max Dab Pen Attributes

These are some of the features that lookah seahorse dab pen offers, and now you’ll never be able to deny the efficiency of these pens.

‰       So these max dab pens from lookah allow the vaping of oily cartridges

‰       These pens are easy to operate and use

‰       The max dab pen is highly portable

‰       You can enjoy dry herb’s oily hits with these pens

‰       With lookah seahorse max dab pen, you can enjoy sesh even while moving

‰       These dab pens don’t allow combustion

‰       Now you don’t need to light up the herbs or the vaping rigs

‰       These dab pens are similar to e-cigars, and you can carry them even in pockets

Lookah Seahorse Max Dab Pen Accessories

The main components of lookah seahorse dab pen include:

A mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the max dab pen is designed for comfortable hits, and thus, you can easily get smoke into your mouth with this piece. With this accessory, you’ll get the best experience on each drag. Its tip comes in various sizes for temperature balance and airflow.

Heating coil

So the heating coil is used to heat the wax, and here the vaporization takes place. Thus on the heating coil, wax is placed. There’re many different heating coils; lookah seahorse max dab pen offers ceramic or quartz, so you can use whatever you like.


Lookah also offers the 510 threaded cartridge battery. It makes the pen able to work properly in various modes. Thus for better taste, always keep on checking the temperature and heating range of the coils.

How to use the lookah seahorse max dab pen?

The process to operate this max dab pen is not so complex. So for better results and chilling hits, follow the steps below:

·         Firstly do make sure that the coils are working

·         Now place the desirable concentrate on the vaping coils

·         Thus choose the optimum temperature

·         So after this, you need to press one button

·         Click the power button and inhale

·         Now enjoy the delicious, flavorful hits!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are these max dab pens from lookah durable?

Yes, of course, these dab pens are 100% durable and are very hard to break. So don’t worry about the reliability or durability because these are not made from fragile glass.

What are the tips for using the lookah max dab pen?

These are some of the tricks that you should follow to ensure the optimum working:

o   Keep the pen in vertical position

o   The coils should be well maintained

o   Don’t overload the chamber

o   Keep your dab pen charged

o   Turn of battery after use

o   Always keep the concentrate in the freezer

o   Start with small hits


So peeps! That’s all about the lookah seahorse max dab pen, and I hope that you like this unique product. The features, working, performance, and function of this dab pen from lookah are just awesome. Thus it would be best if you gave these dab pens a try, and I bet you’ll never get over it. Inhale the powerful, oily concentrated dabs and enjoy! Remember to give your feedback after use!


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