The “Why” and “How” of Using Vinyl Signs in 2021 and Beyond

Businesses re-emerging from the economic slumber caused by the COVID19 pandemic need cost-efficient advertisement and marketing solutions. Traditional promotional and advertising tools like signs and banners can be very helpful for cash-strapped businesses. 

Since radio, print media, television, and online ads are so costly, vinyl banners and signs have become extremely popular among small businesses. Many signage providers even offer cool customization options with their signs and banners.

The ability to customize vinyl banners and signs is a game-changer for small businesses. According to a recent Forbes report, people take less than seven seconds to form impressions about businesses. 

Here are some other reasons why your business will benefit from using these signs in 2021 –

  • Customization Options: Want to print COVID19-related information on your promotional signs? Most vinyl banners and signs can be easily customized to meet the client’s specific requirements. From brand logos to well-designed promotional messages – businesses can print whatever they want on their vinyl signs
  • Long-Term Solution: No matter how many design elements your print on vinyl banners or signs – these materials never depreciate in quality. They can stay outdoors for years and still attain the desired attention from target audiences. Many savvy store owners, for example, use the same vinyl banners and signs every Christmas. 
  • Visual Impact: The latest vinyl banners and signs come with reflective surfaces. If these surfaces feature high-quality design elements, they’ll easily pass the “7-second” attention test. If you want local audiences to know specific marketing messages, place these signs strategically outside your business location. They’re guaranteed to attract the eyes of target consumers. 
  • Cost Cutting: Making vinyl banners or signs is very easy. Top-quality printing service providers can create and deliver customized signs within a couple of days. That’s because they use sturdy, print-friendly materials like vinyl, PVC, or corflute to create their signs. These factors make yard signs and banners extremely affordable.

These are why vinyl banners and signs are ideal for small-scale businesses recovering from the economic damages caused by the COVID19 pandemic. Smart business owners use these lightweight signs in multiple events, on multiple occasions. Here are some design principles top business owners use to optimize their signs and banners – 

  • Focus on Brand: Branding is key for successful signage marketing. Make sure you highlight your brand logo, colors, theme, etc., on your signs. These design elements will help your target customers identify your business the moment they spot the signs. 
  • Preserve Quality: Although vinyl banners and signs are super-durable and require minimal maintenance, they still need to be cleaned from time to time. Storing these signs when they’re not being used is very important. Also, avoid exposing them to too much sunlight. 
  • Design Clarity: Promotional signs help business owners send important messages to their target customers in a cost-effective way. But, unless these messages are clear and easy to read, they won’t make great first impressions on viewers. So, always choose easy-to-read font styles. Keep your marketing messages concise. Make sure there’s enough spacing in between the text lines on your signs. 

Partner with a reliable sign-making company now and buy high-quality, customized vinyl banners and signs to promote your business!

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