Tips on women’s hat styles – Things to know before you make a purchase

Hats are undeniably attractive and make a valuable addition to women’s closets and accessories. Hats are genuinely a part of global fashion, and one can wear them in various styles across different traditions, customs, and countries. It is the perfect look for the modern-day fashionista. If done right, it will accentuate your best features, clothes, and overall styling. 

Womens straw cowboy hats are a major attraction among modern women. It suits the active, sporty, and adventurous lifestyle and brings a bit of added spice to your ensemble. However, sporting a hat isn’t as simple as heading out to a store and buying whatever takes your fancy. There is a method when it comes to choosing hats, from cowboys to fedoras. 

In the following section, we have highlighted a few chosen tips and tricks that will enable you to make the best possible selection. Here are some of the factors that will allow you to make the right choice. 

The head size

Here is a simple rule that you should never forget. The larger the head, the larger the hat. It is pretty apparent and but it is also a fact that many make the mistake of wearing hats that is not of the right size. Always remember that a small hat will look odd perched on top of a large head, whereas a large hat will keep flopping down over your eyes, making you uncomfortable. 

The face shape and features

Hats, just like sunglasses, look better on certain people. However, there are a few factors that you must take into account to make any selection you make look perfect on you. The first things are the height of the hat along with the width of the brim. If you have an oval face, you can pull off the angular hat look with broader brims, viz., a fedora. However, with rounded and heart-shaped faces, you should choose a shorter brim. 

The hairstyle

The next major factor is that concerning the hairstyle. Women can have different hairstyles. Long hair, short hair, pixie-crop, tied in a bun, ponytail, and even the plaits and braids, you need to factor in the different hairstyles, especially the current one you are sporting, while choosing your hat. Some choices are just borne out of common sense, as you can never sport a fedora if you have a high ponytail. The baseball cap is the answer in this case. 

The climate

The most obvious factor, however, is the weather. If you live in the warmer climes with plenty of sun and heat, you are better off with breathable designs like straw sun hats, fedoras, and similar makes. However, it also boils down to how you sport your choice and how much confidence you can ooze to own any fashion accessory of your choice. 

Here are some of the common hat ideas you should keep in mind. 

Wider brims

Think fedora, and you will understand why this style caught on and is still popular to this day. From celebrities to athletes, we have all seen them sporting fedoras to stay away from the public eye as much as possible. Fedoras are perfect if you are going for a bit of mystery and enigma. However, the fedora is not really about hiding your face. You can pull Wide-brimmed hats over the forehead. The style can highlight your best features if paired with the right ensemble. 


The fedora is a wide-brimmed hat that you can wear with formal outfits in a dress and high heels for the evening party.

The narrow brims

Narrow brims were a staple of the days gone by. Just cast your mind back to the black and white Charlie Chaplin motion pictures, especially the ladies in those movies. Cute and turned-down narrow brims are a great option if you are planning on showcasing your ultra-feminine side. According to fashion experts, there is no reason to believe that this traditional hat can’t compliment the modern skirt suits and pumps. 

Woven hats

Last but not least are the woven hats. These are usually lightweight, casual, and hand-crafted works of art that double up as extremely versatile headgear. Woven hats like the straw cowboy hats are handy if you regularly encounter the blazing sun and hot outdoor temperatures. You can pair woven hats with shorts, t-shirts, shirts, summer dresses, and almost everything available in a women’s closet. 

Capping it up

Hats are convenient. That is the primary reason why many want hats in the first place. It is the only accessory to cover your head from the sun, the rain, and the cold. However, suppose you want to look past the functionality. Take care! In that case, hats are incredibly fashionable and can make a style statement almost instantly and as boldly as you want to be – that’s to say, you can wear one for no other reason than just the style quotient. 

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