Essential Implant-supported Denture Maintenance Tips Every Dentist Want You to Know

Brisbane is one of the melting pots of Australia. The city has a diverse mix of residents, where 32.2% of all people living in the metropolitan area are born abroad, according to the 2016 census. Yet, despite the diversity, everyone has equal chances to enjoy the city’s high employment opportunities, excellent education, and state-of-the-art medical services. The city also has many dental clinics serving Brisbanites of all ages. Denture Implants in Brisbane belongs to the list of services that people can ask their dentist. 

If you just got your implant-supported dentures from a reputable dentist in Brisbane, you need to exert some effort to ensure that you will take care of them properly. Following the dentist’s instructions after the implant procedure will allow you to enjoy its benefits for years. Here is a care guide for new dental implants that you need to keep in mind.  

At Home Denture Implant Maintenance 

Your dentist in Brisbane will provide a list of instructions that you must follow to keep your implant-supported dentures clean. The dental health expert would want you to follow these steps: 

  • Use horizontal brushing movements to clean the inner and outer sides of the denture’s abutment pillars and its surrounding gums. 
  • Continue the short horizontal movements to clean the farther side of the teeth at the back. 
  • Use a proxabrush to clean the spaces on both sides of the abutment pillars and the areas between the bridge and the root tips of the denture. You must pick a brush that will fit perfectly on the rinsing space with minimum resistance. It is also important to push the brush through the space several times at varying angles. 
  • Create a dragging-rotating movement to the surfaces of the teeth used for chewing while positioning the brush against the gum. You must concentrate on the little sections all over the mouth. Once you reach the inner area of the front teeth, you must hold the brush in a vertical position and use an up and down motion to brush the biting edges. 
  • Floss several times in the places where the denture, bridges and bar touch the gum tissue. 
  • Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water after cleaning. 

Professional Care and Maintenance 

Denture Implants in Brisbane also need regular checkups from your dentist. You must visit the dental health expert to ensure that everything remains in place and properly maintained. This step is recommended to help you avoid discomfort and find solutions to common denture problems. 

The dentist will do a thorough evaluation to see the condition of your gums and the surrounding mouth tissues. They will also check if you are still comfortable with the fit of your dentures. If necessary, the dentist will also ask you to have an X-ray to check if all the abutments, implants, and other attachments remain in a proper position. These regular checkups are also highly recommended to prevent costly problems in the future. 

What to Avoid After Getting Denture Implants

After your dentist in Brisbane works on your denture implants, they will provide a list of things to avoid to keep the implants in place. Some of the most common items to avoid include:  

  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products – Smoking can cause inflammation, weakening the gums in the implant area.
  • Hard food – Chewing hard foods like ice cubes can cause a lot of pressure on the implant, which is why you need to avoid heavy biting after the procedure.
  • Abrasive dental cleaning products – Dentists would advise you to avoid using hard-bristled toothbrushes, bleach cleansers, or baking soda when cleaning the dentures. It may weaken or damage your implants permanently. 

Anyone can get implant-supported dentures in Brisbane since there are plenty of qualified dental healthcare experts with clinics in the city. You only need to ensure that you will do everything possible to care for your dentures to make your improved teeth last for years. 

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