What Is The Best Type of Sunscreen: Spray, Stick, or Cream

When trying to find the perfect new sunscreen product, the choice is challenging. There are so many different options between sunscreen sprays, sticks, creams, and whatever else they are selling these days. On top of that, you must choose between your run-of-the-mill sunscreens and organic products. Find out what the difference is between today’s most common products and get the most enjoyment out of your summer.

Types of Sunscreen Products

Among all of the sunscreen products available, the most common methods of application are lotions, sticks, and sprays. While there are pros and cons to each type of product, the best version will be determined by your needs and preferences. Here are the key points for the most popular application methods:

Sunscreen Sticks

Using a sunscreen stick is a great way to add convenience and portability to your skincare routine. Sunscreen sticks give a controlled, non-oily application, in which you can just rub it in to completely cover your face. Unlike other application methods, there is little risk of leakage or accidental spray, making this a perfect product to throw in a backpack, purse, car, fanny pack, or anywhere else that you can easily access the product. 

The only real downside to sunscreen sticks is visible when you try to cover a large area of skin. Because of the focused application of sticks, it may take a bit longer to spread the protection over your skin.

Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen sprays may come in the form of an aerosol can or misting bottle, but the concept is the same. Sprays provide maximum coverage in less time, making this product great for areas aside from the face. Once you are done spraying your skin, simply rub the formula in for even coverage.

These products are beneficial for covering large areas of skin at once, but there is a chance that ingestion can be harmful. Keep sprays away from your mouth, eyes, and other orifices to prevent accidental ingestion. You may also avoid the harm of ingestion by switching to an organic spray, which contains no harmful chemicals.

Sunscreen Creams

Sunscreen lotions and creams are the traditional way to apply, and many people still prefer them. Sunscreen creams and lotions give you wide coverage, no flying particles, and the option to squeeze out a little and cover areas that need accuracy. While many formulas are greasy, natural lotions tend to absorb well, nourishing instead of leaving you oily.

Organic Sunscreen Products

If you are looking for a change in your skincare protection routine, it may be to your benefit to consider organic products for your household. Organic sun protection gives you the advantage of nourishing your skin while botanical ingredients protect it. Traditional products contain nano-particles that can absorb into the epidermis, whereas natural skincare protection utilizes non-nano ingredients. With organic sunscreen products, you can protect, nourish, and radiate the scent of a botanical garden versus man-made ingredients. Overall, organic products deliver a more refined, healthier skincare solution than traditional products, so no matter what application method you choose, go with organic.

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