Top 6 Online Exam Preparation Tips

Exams are an integral part of education. Needless to say, appearing for online exams is a must for a student. Often, students lack a proper strategy and start taking preparations without a solid plan. Though their basic framework of approaching the exams will be the same as that of an assessment held in usual circumstances, a few different aspects remain unique to online exams. Many a time, students are also required to use special software and tools while giving the exam. If they don’t familiarize themselves with the technicality of the software via which they have to give their exams, they may have to face troubles while uploading their answer sheet in the LMS portals or other sites. 

Apart from taking preparation in advance, a student has to keep all their gadgets and devices intact to not face any kind of problem in the peak point of the exam period. In today’s blog, we will share some amazing tips that you can follow to give your online exam well. 

Top 6 Online Exam Preparation Tips

Tip #1: Study Well

Studying well is very important to sit for any kind of exam. Even if it is an open-book exam, you need to acquaint yourself with the topics to know in which page contains which lesson. If you are not familiarised with the study materials, you will end up searching for that page throughout the entire period of exam hours. Make sure that all the study notes and materials are well-arranged and kept ready so that you can start writing the answers straight away. 

Tip #2: Keep Proper Track Of Time 

All exams are bound by time. To ensure you complete everything in time, keep a wrist watch or clock by you. Here is a little trick for you! Set your watch 10 minutes faster than the usual time. This will give you an impression that time is running out, and that you have to act immediately. 

Tip #3: Coping With Technical Glitches 

Technical problems are one of the common headaches students face while giving online exams. These glitches come unannounced, so if you face any such problem, keep yourself and calm and don’t get overwhelmed with tension and nervousness. If possible, do take a screenshot of the technical problem that you are facing and send it to your teacher. It is always better to keep your mentor informed beforehand, so that your situation is considered and you are given extra time to complete the work. 

Tip #4: Acquaint Yourself With The Test Format 

Make sure that you are well-aware with the question format that is to be followed in the exam. Ask your teacher and confirm in which format the question is going to be presented, that is, whether the test is going to be a MCQ, long or short question-answer, descriptive or objective questions. 

Tip #5: Go Through The Exam Guidelines Before The Exam Starts 

Every exam comes with its own set of rules and guidelines. Go through the list of rules that your institution has prepared for you. It will cover everything, starting from the exam duration, date and time of the exam, any specific module that you have to use to submit your answers, or any important document that you need to keep by you to gain entry into the exam portal via identity verification, in case you are asked to keep the webcam switched on. Arm yourself with the right equipment to ensure you get through the exam period smoothly. 

Tip #6: Relax & Keep Your Mind Calm!

The ultimate tip to give a good exam is to stay calm and keep yourself tension-free. The more you will be anxious, the lesser will be your performance. Stay optimistic. Go through the websites that contain motivational quotes for students and supercharge yourself with hope and positivity. 

Final Words 

Take note of the above suggestions while preparing for your online exam. Don’t get stressed and always give your best to the exam. Test your electrical equipment to see if all of these are working properly. Implement the best study strategies and everything will feel simpler and easier. All the best for your online exam. You can do it well. 

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