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Do you prefer to mix the dough by hand?

If you’re not looking for extra-crispy cookies, avoid overmixing your dough. “Overmixing your dough will result in flatter, crispier cookies,” Cowan explained. If you’re overmixing, you’ll aerate your dough (adding air), making the cookies rise before falling in flat cookies.

If you’re one of those who crave fresh, homemade cookies but don’t want to create the dough manually, a good hand mixer is what you must buy.

What is the most effective hand mixer to mix cookie dough? The ideal mixer designed for dough made of cookies needs to be of the correct shape, comfortable grip, and light enough to carry. The mixer must also be strong enough to mix thick ingredients like cookie dough. Mixers with multiple speeds and beaters, dough hooks, and whisks are the best choice.

There are many elements to the hand mixer. The following article will help you be taught how to select the most suitable hand mixer that matches your needs and preferences and know the top 9 hand mixers to mix the cookie dough.

Choosing a Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

Mixing the dough for cookies takes time and energy. However, you can complete the task by using a quality hand mixer.

If it can handle the dough and comes with the necessary attachments, this device is a great option for those who bake cookies from scratch frequently.

Although some believe that hand mixers are superior to stand mixers, many brands have proven the contrary. Therefore, in the present, choosing hand mixers instead of standing mixers is simply something you prefer.

Hand mixers also have many advantages that draw people to purchase hand mixers. As compared to stand mixers, hand mixers are light and can be carried around.

Furthermore, they are simple to store, use and keep clean. They also do the job well when you choose an excellent one!

How do you select the right-hand mixer for making cookie dough? Here are the things you should take into consideration.


It’s so frustrating when the hand mixer with dirty whisks is thrown over the counter each when you turn off to add a new ingredient to your mixing vessel.

Some hand mixers are designed to be placed on the bowl even when the mixer is off, adding the other ingredients. But, this particular shape, “nuance,” is not popular.

This is why we suggest paying attention to the form of your hand mixer. You should ensure that the back of your mixer (when placed in the mixing position) is large enough to allow the device to be held if you need to build the mixer stand upon it.

If it’s not sufficiently wide, it will constantly tip over, creating a mess inside your kitchen.

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The Handle

It is crucial to have a good grasp of your mixer. In addition, the handle should be constructed to allow you to keep the mixer in place without becoming exhausted.

 Handles using an ergonomic design and those that are slightly designed to reduce fatigue for hands. As mixing dough for cookies can be a lengthy process, having this feature in the mixer you are purchasing is a must.

If the handle isn’t ergonomically constructed, it must at the very least be rounded and not square to offer the user a comfortable grip.


You will notice the weight on your hand mixer when you’re not fatigued because even the lightest mixer can feel heavy after just several minutes of holding it.

When it is about the amount of weight the mixer weighs, it can be a bit complicated. It is important to ensure that the mixer isn’t too light that it feels flimsy and expensive. But it shouldn’t feel unnecessarily heavy, either.

The mixer must be strong enough not to tip over when you attempt to stand it up while your attachments are with dough or batter.

In a nutshell, the mixer must be adequate in weight for you to manage it and lightweight enough to be in a position to hold it for a minimum of 5 to 7 minutes(this is the amount of time it takes to achieve meringue with stiff peaks).


In comparison to stand mixers, hand mixers are comparatively small. But, even in hand mixers, there are larger alternatives.

 If you’re looking to purchase hand mixers to store it easily and bring it along at any time, you should look for smaller models. Many hand-mixers are smaller.


Don’t make a judgment on a hand mixer until you’ve seen the attachments. First, make sure it is equipped with all the essential beaters in pairs.

If you’re trying to find a hand-mixer to mix cookie dough, be sure that the mixer is equipped with beaters or dough hooks. Also, it should have balloon whisks and French whisks to combine egg whites, heavy liquids, cream, etc.

A few hand mixers come with rods for mixing.

It is the quality and design of these whisks that are important. They’re typically stainless steel, but hand mixer attachments might be rubber to reduce sound and improve efficiency.

If you are looking for a multi-functional hand mixer, you should purchase one with a blender attachment. The transformation of a hand mixer to a hand blender takes an instant.

Speed Settings

One of the main attributes of hand mixers is speed adjustments. The speed settings vary between mixers and range from 3-to-10 speeds.

 The higher the speed level that the mixer is equipped with, the greater control you’ll control the material you mix.

If you have the opportunity to test the speed of the mixer before purchasing, you should try not just the fastest rate but also the lowest speed.

A hand mixer must be slow when necessary because this is a useful feature when mixing a variety of tasks. However, there is no need for everything to be mixed vigorously.


The strength of hand mixers is different from one item to the next. This is because the power of the motor determines its management as well as mixing performance. We suggest aiming for at the minimum of 150W and even higher if you are sure you’ll need plenty of power and are using it often.

If the mixer’s power isn’t enough to handle the task, it will not take more dense and heavier substances like cookies.

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