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5 Things You Can Use in Edging Your Garden

Edging is an important part of any landscaping project. The lines that edging creates define one part of the garden from another. These lines separate flower beds from shrubs, the lawn, and other garden beds. This way, a clean and crisp landscape is achieved, making any garden breathtakingly beautiful and eye-catching. And the result of garden edging is something that will bring pride and relieve stress to any garden owner. 

However, an amazing garden comes with great work. And you will need the best tips from professionals so you can achieve the edging you want and get the garden you imagined. After all, there are many types of edging ideas and different materials you can use to create your garden edge.

So, the question now is, “what is the best type of edging material to use in your garden?”

You don’t have to stick with the usual edging styles, especially if you’re adventurous and quirky. There are creative ways to edge your garden, and the following will give you ideas on what to choose:

  1. Bricks

If you love history and ancient architecture, brick edging is the best idea for your garden. You can imagine yourself walking along the paths of ancient Egypt or in the middle of Europe’s Gothic architecture in the Middle Ages when you have bricks lined up all over your garden. So, you can make brick paths around your landscape, and you’ll surely complete the theme.

Meanwhile, brick edging is not just for show; it is one of the strongest materials you can use to create borders around your plants. In addition, it is durable and weather-resistant (something that you need to keep in mind when choosing an edging material). And while it does not come cheap, bricks surely do the job you require them to.

  1. Glass Bottles 

Glass bottles are some of the cheapest materials you can use for edging your garden. However, working with them requires a lot of time and labour. But the work you put into it won’t be a problem when you love what you’re doing. Plus, you can infuse your personality into bottle garden edges. 

Try arranging the bottles by colour or even put some designs inside if you’re up for it.  And this way, you’re not only using a cost-effective option when using glass bottles, but you’re also helping nature by recycling.

  1. Stones

Gathering huge stones to edge your garden is fairly easy. But it will still require time and energy, especially when you want everything perfect. 

Large stones of the same size are what you need to create an effective border for your plants. And these stones need to be sunk on the ground so they can hold their place. Doing so also prevents your plants from getting under the rocks and growing outside of their bed.

Having a stone garden edge is a classic gardening idea. Moreover, it is traditional and gives off a natural and woodland theme.

  1. Logs

Logs can be laid horizontally or vertically when creating a garden edge. Besides, this material is great for nature lovers who want a simple, old fashioned and environmentally friendly landscape. And it is fairly cheap, too.

No matter what type of material you use for garden edging, you will always end up with clean, crisp lines that will emphasise different parts of your garden from each other. So, draw inspiration from the different ideas above and make your garden more creative and worthy for a spot in home magazines.

As long as you seek the help of gardening experts and professionals, your garden will end up like the one in your dreams. Plus, maintenance will be easier and less costly.

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