How is technology changing the way we treat education.

Technology is changing the way we treat life. It has brought a change in every aspect of life, and there is no wonder that it has also changed the education system.

Due to changes in technology, our education system got updated, and it is giving a new shape to the future.

The educators are awestruck by the new technologies, and they are tapping into the digital revolution. In this era of modern technology and the internet, everything got digital including the education system.

The use of smart technology and easy availability of the internet has allowed educators to shift to the digital world and shape the kid’s future with full potential.

Here are some of the ways by which technology is bringing change to our education system all around the world.

Classroom 2.0

The idea of classroom 2.0 revolves around the concept of personalized learning. It refers to self-paced learning in which every kid is the center of attention in their own space.

It is a student-centric approach in which every individual is allowed to choose their learning space. By space, it means the subject they want to study and the type of learning they want to get.

The concept of classroom 2.0 is all about video-based learning, artificial intelligence, and

Chatbots. This system is now a part of our education authority, and it is all possible because of modern technology and inventions.

Artificial intelligence

It is a type of learning in which an individual is assessed, and the course is designed accordingly. Every student is checked to see what he or she knows and what not.

After assessing the individual through the app, a personalized curriculum is created for each one of them. It is a platform where everything is handled in one place including learning, examination, and character building.

The system of artificial intelligence is introduced through an app and is the most downloaded educational app around the globe.

It has changed the traditional system of learning a new notion is introduced by which you can equate to an entire university semester by spending thirty-six hours on it.

Video-based learning

The concept of learning from home is now a new trend. It has helped us break all the boundaries and introduced us to a system by which we can learn from a video call.

The easy access to the internet and modern technology has given us this opportunity to take classes from home or from any other place you are.

It is different from the conventional learning process because all the material and lectures are provided through videos, and students are quite happy with it.

They get all the assignments and material for learning online and save a lot of time. It is a form of online learning where practical content is delivered through blended learning.

It is expected that video-based learning is in demand in the future, and it might become the most loved learning process by students.


Chatbots are one of the engaging learning processes, and it is a fundamental tool of learning for all students. The reason behind the popularity of Chatbots is immediate feedback.

It is a self-paced learning process, and everything can be tracked through it. It includes the performance of a student and their grades in exams.

It uses new strategies like optimizing memorization and algorithms to speed up the process of grading and decreasing the workload on time.

It is engaging because all the students get their work on time through this system, and their papers get marked faster than teachers. The accuracy of grading is 92 percent than teachers, and therefore everybody trusts this system.


Modern technology has replaced the tradition of reading coursebooks by reading ebooks. It has limited the number of books students have to carry. They can convert all the PDF files and multimedia slides into ebooks.

Students can carry them on their laptops and mobile phones and read them anytime and anywhere they want to. It has decreased the stress of hauling bulky books and using ebooks in their place.

Web-based libraries

Searching a book in a pile of books is now not a big problem. The web-based libraries have made the life of students much easier than before.

They can use modern software like the web-based library to find any book within seconds. One click is enough to find any book, and it saves a lot of time on the behalf of all the students.

Even if some are looking for Noorani Qaida for kids, they can search for it from the web-based library anytime.

Modern technology has changed the way we look at our education system. It is more like downloading new software, attending online classes, and submitting assignments on the portal.

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