Fundamental concepts about algebra and its uses

Algebra is termed as the part of mathematics that deals with unknown symbols or variables which follow a set of rules and thus helps to get the value of an equation. In algebra, the symbols tend to not have a constant value and are represented as variables. Thus we can say that algebra is used to find the value of the variables which helps in solving many equations. Algebra uses symbols or alphabets instead of numbers to find their respective values regarding a set of equations. Algebra mainly uses real numbers, matrices, vectors, and so on to justify an equation. Let us find out how algebra evolved.

History of Algebra

The discovery of algebra dates back to 500 BC as it was used by Mesopotamians which was regarded as an advanced arithmetical system discovered by the Babylonians. They used this method of mathematics to find out real-life problems and issues using formulae by performing linear and quadratic equations. With the advent of time, the Greeks later used algebra for finding out different problems related to mathematics. It is then that algebra became profound.

It was majorly Diophantus who is regarded as the father of algebra, but Rene Descartes made a name by connecting geometry with algebra. It paved the way to find geometric solutions using algebraic expressions. So let us check the importance of algebra in our life. We are somewhat accustomed to a few basic algebra formulas or equations. They are as follows:

a2 – b2 = (a + b)(a – b)

(a + b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2

(a – b)2 = a2 – 2ab + b2

Why is algebra important in our lives?

Algebra is utilized over a vast majority of problems faced in real life. Formulas and Equations are widely used to help cope up with an issue in our daily lives. Whether it be visiting a grocery shop and getting the items within your budget or paying a ticket collector of a bus for several individuals, algebra proves to be worthy enough. 

  • Algebra is also used by economists or accountants to keep watch over the ledgers and check the debts and loans attached with them. This way, it becomes easier to solve the financial issues in our daily lives and come up with a good spending plan for the times to come. This is one of the reasons how algebra plays a major part.
  • Algebra is considered a vital part of business as well. It may eventually help a business owner to keep track of his gains and help in stockpiling his inventory. Which product needs to be stockpiled more or which product price needs to be lowered for the market to retain its availability are all the concepts that algebra can help with. 
  • It can also help students to use algebra with geometry, statistics, or calculus. It eventually helps a large number of individuals to solve complex problems related to a job front. Algebra is basic yet very crucial for our modern-day activities.
  • There are many instances of algebra that are utilized by mathematicians or scholars. Be that it may be, Algebra is used in finding values that are vital in our modern-day technology as well. Whether it may be a satellite circling the earth or the speed of a bus on a sloped platform, algebra is needed everywhere. 

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