SQL Server Running Slow?

“While fetching statistics from SQL Server 2012, I’ve noticed that my database has been moving too slowly for weeks, even a few queries and procedures resulted in timeouts. Speed is properly for a second after which the whole thing turns into gradual. CPU, disk appears normal. I am not able to test if there may be blocked procedure as hobby display returns timeout error. Why is that this happening? Why my SQL Server Database is strolling gradual?”

This is one of the not unusual place overall performance trouble in SQL Server, a consumer can face. Similarly, there is wide variety of troubles making the overall performance of SQL Server gradual.

Users need short reaction of retrieval of facts from the database and builders make their great efforts to offer the facts with inside the shortest time. There isn’t any any such manner of defining, what’s the best or terrible overall performance of a question.

Let’s advantage SQL question through optimizing the SQL Server and making its overall performance fast. I will proportion a few short pointers to enhance overall performance gradual strolling queries in SQL Server. But first allow us to recognize the feasible motives Why SQL Server strolling gradual?

Why SQL Server strolling gradual? – Know the Reason

There are wide variety of motives why SQL Server strolling gradual. Finding the purpose of the overall performance bottleneck is vital. Through this, you may be capable of clear up the problem. Some of the largest overall performance bottlenecks are as below:

Missing Indexes – Poor Disk overall performance & growth wide variety of impasse represent which you are having lacking indexes.


You can without difficulty decide lacking indexes through DMVs, sys.dm_db_missing_index_details and sys.dm_db_missing_index_columns. Simultaneously, you could perceive the indexes that want to be created to enhance gradual strolling SQL Server overall performance.

Poor Designing of Indexes – Poorly designed database tables bring about gradual strolling queries that bring about excessive execution plan.


You can without difficulty perceive the trouble through querying the technique cache. This is due to the fact the question execution plan continue to be with inside the cache so long as there may be reminiscence to keep them.

Poor Designed Database Schema – This is certainly considered one among the largest killer of database schema. This may be visible whilst queries are strolling, whilst there may be growth in wide variety of enter output request occur.


You can clearly search for this proof through the use of SQL slow Profiler. The profiler captures the ones queries that have the very best I/O load.

Less Storage in I/O Subsystem – To decide whether or not there may be trouble in garage overall performance or not, you could take a look at ERRORLOG file. You gets gradual I/O message for your Error log file, if the problem is associated with garage I/O subsystem


You can search for I/O trouble through strolling so wait stats DMV with code.

Slow Network, Small Buffer Pool, Wrong generation used is a number of the motives that degrades SQL Server overall performance. Resolving those troubles would possibly appear hard however when you have the proper tools, you could without difficulty restore those overall performance troubles.

Quick Tips to Improve SQL Query Performance

We have mentioned numerous reasons of gradual strolling SQL Server. Implementing the subsequent factors will assist you to enhance SQL question overall performance in SQL Server:

Avoid writing a question with more than one joins that consist of outer joins, move join, and different complicated queries.

Try to avoid cursors. It makes the overall performance gradual. If there may be want to apply cursors, and then keep away from dynamic cursors.

Avoid * in SELECT announcement. Specify the call of the column that you require.

Delete unused indexes.

Use Joins as opposed to sub queries.

If feasible, use UNION ALL as opposed to UNION.

Avoid the use of Multi announcement Table valued functions. They are greater expensive than inline TVFs.

Positioning of index play a vital position to enhance question overall performance in SQL Server. Selective columns ought to be located leftmost seems as a great practice.

Avoid NULL in constant duration field. In case of requirement, use variable duration field, it takes much less area for NULL.

Try to preserve transaction small as every so often the processing brings about deadlocks.

Use TRY CATCH to keep away from deadlocks.


There are wide varieties of users/ DBAs who’re irritated through gradual overall performance of SQL Server. The weblog discusses the feasible motives Why SQL Server strolling gradual? It additionally covers a few short pointers to enhance SQL server overall performance.

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