Everything You Need To Know About BDSwiss : What Is BDswiss?

BDSwiss is an international brokerage firm based in Zurich founded by two former investment bankers and licensed by the CySEC. Since they were able to create such a strong foundation from Switzerland, it’s no wonder why this great trading atmosphere has been prevalent ever since! If you’re looking for your next financial venture- consider opening up an account with them today; we’ll show our support too.

 Who Regulates Bdswiss

Despite being regulated in the United States, service is not currently available to American traders. However, you can trade CFD contracts on Bitcoin through an exchange like Coinbase Pro or GDAX without any restrictions for Europeans living within your country’s borders!

BDSwiss’ main regulator (CySEC) gives licenses only if certain conditions are met, including supervision by banks; their major subsidiary holds approval from both CySec and NFA.     The United States National Futures Association as other international bodies such as Finclients 

Mauritius Authority.

The broker company itself also operates under German law. It has received Type D status meaning that they meet high standards set out specifically about how much money should be kept at hand while trading online platforms.

How Reliable Is BDswiss 

 When it comes to trading, you need a broker that has your back. That’s why we take safety and security seriously with our tier 1 regulation in place – plus additional safeguards like negative balance protection for traders who cannot lose more than they deposit.

With segregated accounts at top-tier banks and insurance coverage up to €20K, if EU residents qualify under the ICF policy (and even If their bank experiences major financial difficulties). BDSwiss is sure to have all bases covered so that you can trade worry-free on any platform or exchange around.

What Products do They Offer?

 With 51 currency pairs, the Forex market is by far BDSwiss’ most well-covered asset sector. Surprisingly, with 21 different cryptocurrencies available as well, it becomes clear just how much variety there is when browsing through all aspects traded at one block trading company! In addition to this broad offering in a single area of finance, seven commodities CFDs can also be found on their platform for traders interested in expanding into this new and growing niche market segment.

 Different Types Of Accounts Available At BDswiss

 BDSwiss offers five types of accounts: individual, VIP, raw account for traders wanting more control over trades and an opportunity to make bigger profits with less risk; Islamic, which is geared toward Muslims who want better returns but require strict adherence in what they invest their money on without any exposure beyond religion including gold coins or bonds issued by countries like Saudi Arabia; Investplus allows you access your portfolio while still being able to trade through live webinars, so it’s easier than ever before.

 When it comes to trading forex, the most competitive option is with a BDSwiss raw account. This starts at 0 pips and includes complete Autochartist access and webinars for VIP traders only on their channel in telegram, where they provide life advice from time to time to boot.

The broker’s minimum deposit here will set you back by $5k right off the bat, though. so be aware before committing your hard-earned money into anything else just yet unless Islamic options are more up your alley, then standard spreads or leverage do offer plenty of flexibility depending what type suits best but don’t forget there’s always swappable.


 BDSwiss has more than one million client accounts and offers traders the opportunity to trade CFDs, forex markets, and equities. The platform is a global leader in trading activity on their exchange or through other providers like Bloomberg Trade Book, which gives you access even if your broker doesn’t offer it locally, so don’t miss out!

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