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Get an Idea of How Colors Work Together to Create the Style or Mood You’re Looking For

As the common saying goes ‘Home is my happy place’, it is, without any reconsideration, one of the most important parts of our lives. After a tiring day, all we seek is the comfort of our home. Now, this concept of home, though is a basic need, might differ from person to person. One can stay on rent, while some others in respective apartments and the rest in their own homes. No matter what the form is, a home is always home. And, color psychology plays an integral role in making one’s house become a home. While, the size and design of the home, might not always be under our control, especially if it’s under rent or apartment cubicles, you can always try your hands out at different room color combinations which will, not only make the place look homey, but also reverberate your personality.

Room colors affect not only the mood but your energy levels also start working at par with them. A dull, gloomy color upsets you, out of the blue, without even any specific reason, whereas, bright, cheerful color makes you happy even on your darkest days. Thus, it is advisable to be very practical while choosing colors for rooms, as colors can change one’s mood, alter the shape and size of various furniture and even, the room itself.

Deciding on colors is not a difficult job if you have some basic idea about room color psychology. Try not to run behind trends; trends will come and go, but your beautiful home will stay. Thus, choose the colors in such a combination that will aesthetically please the mind and soothe you.

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What to look out for while picking the colors?

On deciding to pick the colors, there are very specifically two things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, how do you want your mood in the room? Is it a tone of seriousness, or cheerful or funky, or anything else? Minutely decide on this aspect at the very first.
  • Secondly, look out for the colors that match that tonality and theme of your mood for that room.

Colors that you can use in your bedroom:

The bedroom forms the most important part of one home. Thus, it requires more attention than any other room. A bedroom is a place for relaxation; so, go for colors that promote peace and calmness in general. If your bedroom comprises a double bed, you can opt for a lilac tone, as it not only brings a feeling of relaxation but also makes the room look big. If it’s a single bed, green, blue, yellow are some of the perfect colors.


Colors for your living room:

The living room is the place for gathering, thus the colors should be of a tone that signifies cheerfulness, give out a vibe of warmth, and at the same time, makes the room spacious. While maintaining modern sofa design, red and light blue is the best color combination.


Do not ever use very dark shades for your rooms, especially darker shades of blue and black, as they signify nothing but cold and darkness. They are very overwhelming and can pull your home down into a depressing abyss.

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