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Make Most of These Quick Tips to Clean Your Fine Jewellery

You won’t hear a woman ever say that she has too many jewellery pieces. As much as you love to own jewellery, deep down you dread that your favourite earrings or gold ring will lose their shine over some time of using them. Many of us don’t like the idea of visiting jewellers or jewellery cleaning experts to get our jewellery collection cleaned or polished. If you ever wondered what causes your jewellery to tarnish, then let us tell you that your jewellery is made out of precious metal like gold, silver or platinum that reacts to the chemicals present in cosmetics, soaps, moisturizers or even perfumes. Check out here some quick tips to clean your jewellery using products that are easily available at home. 

1. Wash The Jewellery: Yes this is the simplest way to keep the shine and brilliance of your gold and diamond jewellery intact, by washing them with lukewarm water, especially the solid gold necklaces and other heavy jhumkas or bangles. This simple step removes the layer of dust that may have settled on top of them even though they have been put away in the closet for occasional wear. 

2. Use Mild Soap: Warm water may not suffice to clean your everyday jewellery, it may require you to use a fragrant free mild soap solution to clean them. It’s always a good idea to soak your everyday jewellery in this soap water solution for at least 15 minutes once a month so that the grim layer of dirt dissolves in the water. If you have been looking out for trusted jewellers to purchase your daily wear jewellery that’s trendy, modish and easy on your pocket, then visit this website of Melorra. 

3. Use Soft Bristle Brush: There are times that the dirt gets accumulated in tiny grooves and corners, and this requires you to use a brush to remove it. Precious metals like gold are very delicate and can get scratched very easily, it is advisable to use a very soft bristle brush to remove dirt from the nooks. Ensure not to scrub the jewellery too hard with the brush. 

4. Wipe the Jewellery Dry: After washing and cleaning the jewellery it’s important to pat it dry before you could wear it or store it back in the boxes. Any amount of moisture left can cause the gemstones to discolour and lose their shine. Use a soft cloth, preferably made out of linen to wipe off the jewellery pieces carefully to remove the residual water. You can also use a polishing cloth to wipe your silver jewellery because it helps to remove the tarnish to great extent and make them shine like new. 

5. Machine Cleaning: If you have tried all the home remedies to clean your jewellery and yet you are not able to get rid of the grit and tarnish, then it’s advisable to take your jewellery to an expert for machine cleaning. Do not try to use bleach or other chemicals at home to clean the jewellery, you may end up causing irreversible damage to the gold jewellery.

We hope the above quick tips will come in handy next time when you clean your prized jewellery pieces.

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