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6 Home Projects To Do Now For A Worry-Free Winter

Upgrades ranging from your deck to your roof may leave you feeling snug as a bug.

Winter is brutal on your house.

So take advantage of the opportunity to do these home improvement tasks now, while the sun is still shining and the temperatures are nice, for a house that will be beautiful, comfortable, and worry-free when winter arrives. Vitamin D supplementation is included.

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#1 Improve Your Deck So It Doesn’t Slip — Or Rot

Your deck despises winter. In fact, even more, than you do. Snow soaks it, freezes it, and causes it to expand and shrink again.

It’s a formula for wood rot — and an emergency room visit if you walk through the rotted section (hello, co-pay). Even if you escape uninjured, replacing it with basic treated wood will cost you $8 to $20 per square foot.

So why not be proactive and do something to safeguard your deck while also making it more attractive and pleasurable for the remainder of the summer?

  • Stain it with a beautiful hue to protect it from water, mildew, and the harsh sun.
  • Provide it with new post toppers (solar ones are a nice touch).
  • Add some pots for year-round color.
  • Perhaps you could screen your deck and enjoy it bug-free for the remainder of the summer and fall?

#2 Replace Your Fireplace With A Gas Fireplace To Save Money On Heating Bills.

Roasting chestnuts over an open fire. You’re paying out the nose for gas. The majority of the warm air from your cherished Christmas fireplace escapes through the chimney rather than entering your room.

However, by switching to a gas fireplace insert, you may reverse the rise in your heating expense.

Why fireplace inserts are superior to wood fireplaces:

  • The remote control may be used to switch them on and off.
  • They will continue to function even if the power goes off (great during snowstorms, and possibly saving you on hotel bills).
  • They do, in fact, assist in lowering heating expenditures.
  • Some of them may even be programmed to turn on when the temperature in your home reaches a specified level.

A fireplace insert can completely transform your winter – but it won’t be cheap. “You’ll save money by using your furnace less and zone heating your living area better,” says Charlie Turner, president of Cricket on the Hearth, Inc. in Rochester, “But you’ll save money by using your furnace less and zone heating your living space better.”

#3 Make Your Own Window Treatments To Keep It Warm At Night

Wait, didn’t we just say to let in some light? Yes, so keep your shades open during the day, but as the sun goes down, you’ll want to keep the heat in and the cold air out. That problem is solved by a really unique DIY project called a Kume curtain, which originated in Chile (how cool is that?).

They’re similar to shades, but with four insulating layers that trap air and keep your home warm. And because you’re making them yourself, you can make them as colorful and attractive as you like – all while soaking up the remainder of summer’s sun.

#4 Replace A Leaky Roof With A Beautiful One (This Will Keep Winter Out – Forever)

A new roof isn’t quite as exciting as purchasing that art deco dining table you’ve been eyeing. But perhaps you haven’t seen metal roofs, which come in a variety of interesting hues. It has the potential to completely change your house.

Roofs made of metal:

  • Never, ever die. They will survive as long as your house is properly placed.
  • Because they endure so long, they have a high resale value.
  • Weigh less than other roofs, putting less strain on the structure of your home.
  • Because they come in sheets, they are easier to install than shingles.
  • Shrug off heavy snow; it will just roll off, never to be seen again.

They come in more vibrant colors than their more subdued competitors. They are more expensive than standard shingles, but if you live in a snowy location and expect to stay for a lot, the worry-free aspect of them is very appealing.

#5 Illuminate Your Landscape

When your grumpy neighbor (not the fun one) stumbled on your dark driveway in January, you probably narrowly avoided a lawsuit.

Avoid a rerun (which may cost you lost work and skyrocketing medical expenses) on those already-dark winter evenings.

Outdoor lighting may be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Along driveways, sidewalks, porch railings, and deck railings
  • Above-garage motion lights
  • Deck and porch railing rope lights
  • Tree and other feature illumination

LEDs have a long lifespan and consume little energy. They do, however, need hardwiring, which may necessitate the services of an electrician. Solar lights may not require wiring, however, the light may be dim.

#6 Clean Your Windows To Allow Light In

You’re privileged now, but imagine how eager you’ll be for sunlight in approximately six months.

Do yourself a favor and clean your windows inside and out to let in the warm winter sunlight. You’ll save money on heating expenses, brighten your home, and feel better overall.

Doing it now allows you to notice possible problems like broken windows, a carpenter bee infestation, or warped siding – and still have time to address them before the temperatures dip.

If you know in your heart that you’re not going to do it (and your heart always knows), a low-stress alternative is to spend the time in the summer to hire a pro in the autumn — before they’re inundated and won’t even return your calls.

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