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5 Ways to Make Your Life Better With Instagram

Haven’t you wondered how you’re doing in a while? How is your busy, vibrant life? Productively working, self-improving, and traveling? Or has your whole life been reduced to languidly waiting for new Netflix releases? We know how to add color to your life. And Instagram can help you. Don’t twist your face, Instagram isn’t just about selfies of colleagues, pics of beautiful people and endless responses to questions in Stories. There’s a lot of useful and interesting information here, but it’s not always easy to discover. Here are 5 actionable tips to make your life more interesting with truly cool Instagram accounts. 

Switch in Time to Stay Efficient at Work 

Constant stress during the work day leads to stress, emotional burnout, bad habits and craziness. Tell me, do you need it? We think so, too. To avoid accidentally getting too tired, learn to distribute your physical resources. This is the only way to maintain productivity throughout the working day. To do that, get more rest and switch to extraneous topics in time. Since you cannot look for 22Bet online odds or watch a football match in the workplace, it is better to limit yourself to Instagram. 

We found a Processvideo account for you that will help you relax and forget about your problems for a while. It’s a collection of binge videos from all over the world – no vulgarity, just moral pampering. And by the way, perfectionists and aesthetes – be careful, maybe what you see will cause you waves of aesthetic delight. 

Set the Atmosphere in Your Home 

Bedroom, kitchen, office, living room in the evening. Our life is a kaleidoscope of enclosed spaces. Not life, but a prison with freedom of movement. But it is proven that the colors and materials which surround you affect your way of thinking and mood. So you need to create an atmosphere around yourself in which it is pleasant to be. Coziness and warmth of home will help to recover after a hard day’s work, free from the insidious shackles of everyday life and gain strength for new goals. And what could be more comfortable and cozy than a soft couch, on which you can snuggle up with a plaid and hide from the world with a kitty cat by your side? Use your imagination, go to your profile page with ideas on how to update your interior, and imagine that it could happen to you someday. Better yet, take action! 

Set Boundaries

On Facebook, everyone is your friend. On Instagram, it’s more honest – there are no “friends” here. You can follow people who are really interesting, and it doesn’t have to be mutual. You can watch the lives of people you are interested in or admire wonderful photos without the approval of the author of the page. Another plus is that you can subscribe to the accounts of famous personalities who would never add you as a friend themselves. It’s great that you can unsubscribe from whoever I want at any time, and the “friend” won’t know about it.

Get Inspired to Travel 

Sitting in the office makes you long to be on the precipitous fjords, in an oasis in the middle of the desert, or in the next town for a picnic. Travel adds color to our lives, which is so lacking in the monotonous rhythm of the city, and gives a lot of bonuses. For example, you can walk all day, look at the surrounding reality, which has nothing to do with your daily life, and enjoy one moment, enjoy the fact that you are here and now. We don’t know what it is that keeps you from traveling: the lack of money or the problem of choosing a country. 

Either way, German photographer Hannes Becker’s profile will help you choose or, at the very least, just dream of a long journey to Lone Mountain, there and back. Becker travels the world and takes pictures that are simply impossible to look away from. There’s a reason Canon and GoPro collaborate with him. So get inspired, dream, and envy.

Stay Healthy

While sucking in our bellies and eating wings from KFC at 2:30 a.m., we think about how cool it is to be healthy. Right now, everyone is doing deadlift, bending over in the asanas, and detoxing. And we’re for this trend because looking 25 at 42, like Peter Doherty, is not at all what your mother wanted you to do. Why does Brad Pitt look better than you? Because he works out. Improving your body and developing physical skills is a really rewarding hobby. Want to get in shape? Then Instagram will help you. Start following fitness pages where bloggers share easy meals and their workouts for free. 

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