7 Essential Video Editing Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Want to edit the videos like a pro? Needles to say, one of the most pivotal steps in video production is the editing part. However, video editing becomes much easier and more productive once you get to know all the hacks. 

Making a video viral yielding extraordinary outcomes is not just about luck. It takes the courage of a proficient video editor to strengthen their video marketing campaigns by following simple yet effective tips and tricks. 

Why Should You Edit Videos? 

An impressively-edited video increases the chances of connecting well with your target audience and conveys your message in the tone you want to be delivered. Moreover, it also engages more viewers as compared to unedited ones. 

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Editing a video may seem challenging and can be a hectic experience, especially for the beginner. Let’s dive into compelling video editing tricks that improve its quality and make it more appealing. 

7 Secret Video Editing Tips 

Once you know all the video editing hacks, you can master the art of showcasing your story in the form of video astoundingly. 

You might already be aware that a raw clip is not enough to attract massive audiences in today’s marketing standard. So, filming is only half of the battle; the other half is editing your videos. To win the second-half battle, ensure that your video has both an aesthetic and powerful story. 

Taking the help of an online video maker allows you to create eye-catchy videos that easily draw the attention of a wide range of audiences, even if you do not have any technical knowledge of the editing part. 

Let’s check out the seven imperative tips every beginner should be aware of while creating and editing videos:

1. Build an Approach

The video editing process remains incomplete without proper planning. It is essential to ensure you and your editors’ team are on the same page by following a dynamic editing structure. The few basic principles that help you prepare your approach is:

A) Choose the Right tool

One of the most challenging tasks for beginners is to choose the appropriate video maker among thousands of tool, enabling them to edit their video clips uniquely. The simplest and effective video maker and editor available online which  allows you to add a simple text overlay to multi-cam and 3D editing. 

Whatever video editor you choose, always make sure what features the tool offers and how those features benefit your business. 

Another important factor to consider while opting for the video editing platform is determining your budget and deciding accordingly. Every software has its key features, which can be used to market your products/services differently. 

B) Competent Hardware

Even if you choose an appropriate video maker, you might overlook upgrading your hardware performance. However, it plays a crucial role in running and maximising your editing software process. 

C) Improve your RAM 

The video editing efficiency immensely depends upon the space you have on your RAM. 

D) SSD is Indispensable

Solid State Drive (SSD) access speeds of 35-100 microseconds, way too fast than HDDs that take 5000-10000 microseconds. So, it is recommended to use SSDs to enhance the video editing process. 

2. Know the Art of Storytelling

Putting yourself in your potential audience’s shoes and telling an influential story to them is the best way to convey information to your customers, be it advertisements, movies, documentaries, or Facebook videos. Usually, you will get a response from your audience if you create a familiar tale exquisitely. 

Another important factor about storytelling is to intrigue your audiences in every segment of your clip and generate their curiosity by letting them think about what will happen next. 

3. Maintain an Efficient Workflow 
No matter if you have a super-fast Mac for video editing, and you are not able to organize your work

Workflow acts like a roadmap for your team, giving you and your team the direction while following the video editing process. To maintain a seamless workflow, you must organise your files by creating a new folder for a different project, having backups, and creating notes for each project.

4. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you have mastered your video maker, the next step is to learn all the keyboard shortcuts to make video editing effortless. Learning the shortcuts facilitate performing repeated actions like playing footage, trimming, inserting, zooming, and much more. 

Perhaps, your chosen video editing software will provide you with a keyboard shortcut sheet, helping you know the utility for each of them. 

One must invest in the keyboard specifically designed for video editing if budget is not an issue. Some of the best-selling keyboards include:

a) Final Cut Pro X Keyboard 

b) Sony Vegas keyboard

c) Avid Media Composer Keyboard, and many others

5. Watch Tutorials 

Want to create great video content? Watching tutorials will help you explore and build dynamic content for your video clips. You can watch educational; websites, YouTube, and Blogs tutorials for free and learn many things, allowing you to improve your video content. 

6. Feature your Video With Appropriate Music and Sound Effects

You won’t want house music in your meditation video! Thus, knowing the conventions of your niche and choosing the apt background music and sound effects is imperative. Choosing suitable music and sound effects makes a huge difference and impact the quality of your video. 

7. Strive For Honest Feedback

Always respect the time your audience gives you by watching your video. You can expose your work to new people as it will help you know your flaws. You should take even the negative feedback in a supportive way. Remember, the scope of improvement is only possible if you think like a learner and act responsibly. 

Did You Not Start Video Editing Yet?

The enormous growth of the video marketing landscape has made it necessary for most individuals and businesses to know the basics of video editing to make your clip stand out. 

We hope that you can now untangle the video editing mess and establish the confidence of your target audience. 

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