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6 Boots Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Boots are an excellent investment. They are versatile. They have the potential to go with everything you wear. So, if you are looking to buy women’s boots, don’t hesitate for a second.

Boots are the ultimate investment. If you choose the right boots for your closet, they pay high rewards for years to come. So, let’s dive into nine types of boots every woman must own. 

Tall Boots

Tall boots are high in style. What exactly is a tall boot? Tall boots were inspired by equestrians and are boots that are of knee height. 

The best way to wear tall boots is with leggings and skinnies, as they complement any casual outfit well. Pairing the tall boots with sweater dresses and skirts impart a more sophisticated look. 

The best part about tall boots is that they are available for all calf widths. So, don’t worry if you have wider calves. You will still rock the tall boots with your outfits. 

Wedge Boots

Well, if winters are close, why not uplift your style quotient with wedge boots? Wedge boots are super comfortable boots with a wedge on the heel. 

Wedge boots become excellent footwear if you look for wedge boots with platforms. They complement skirts and denim well. Take your look to the next level with Wedge Boots.

Moto Boots

Well, if you’re competing in the race of style, a moto boot will help you win with ease. Moto boots are made of leather and come up till mid calves. They have a low heel which makes them suitable for motorcyclists. 

All your fall outfits will go well with the moto boots. The best way to wear moto boots is with ripped jeans or flowy dresses. It amplifies the style quotient to many levels. 

Combat Boots

Combat boots might have been popular in the 80s, but all attention will be on you if you know how to style them. What are combat boots? Combat boots are leather boots that can be laced up and worn by soldiers for combat missions. 

You can bring back the punk look with these combat boots. Pair these boots with a plain white T-shirt, a plaid shirt tied around your waist, and ripped jeans. You can also be unique by pairing the combat boots with a babydoll dress or denim skirt. 

Ankle Boot/Booties

Well, there’s nothing better than ankle boots to look bootie-licious this season. What are ankle boots or booties? They are ankle-length boots that can either be slip-on, lace-up or a zip closure design. 

For the daytime, you can wear ankle boots with short heels. A pair of western and moto ankle boots paired with jeans and sweaters enhance your overall appearance. At night, go for high heel ankle boots and pair them with a slinky party dress. 

High Heel Boots

Whether it is sexy stilettos or block heels, high-heel boots are made for strutting. These boots have heels that are over 3 inches. Tall high-heeled boots make a style statement at work with dresses and skirts. 

You can also pair the high-heel boots with sweaters and jeans during fall for a casual day on the streets. 

Don’t wait for any signal and start looking to buy women’s boots from stores right now. Boots are a great investment and will make you feel bolder, confident, and in charge of your day. You’re all set!

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