Everything You Must Know About Choosing a Healthy Protein Bar

Amidst the several nutrients, your body needs, proteins form a significant segment on the graph. On average, an adult must consume 0.8g of protein per kilogram of their body weight every day. However, if you are possibly working in weight/ muscle loss or gain., the ratios may vary. On that note, protein bars have become the healthiest food to snack. Protein-based snacks provide you with instant and consistent energy. Though protein snacks and bars are common among athletes and people who work out, protein supplements can curb cravings and keep your overall health in check. 

Who Can Genuinely Benefit From Protein Snacks?

Protein bars are ready-to-eat and are rich in proteins. However, most protein snack bars consist of other macro and micronutrients in optimal amounts per serving. On the bottom line, you get to intake a high protein and nutrient-rich snack between meals, post and pre-workout. Here is a list of the prime segment of people who will need to add protein-based snacks to their diet,

  1. People on a Weight Loss Journey

Not surprisingly, high protein diets have been the go-to choice for people planning a workout program. But how do protein diets work? Protein snacks boost your metabolism and, thereby when consumed, help retain energy and keep away cravings and appetite. For assisting weight loss and craving suppression, low-calorie protein snack bars are the best bet. Also, remember to look out for bars rich in protein and fibre so that their consumption does not interfere with your digestion and bowel patterns. In such cases, you can pick protein snack bars with around 10g of protein, 5-9 g of fibre and less than 200 calories for best results. 

  1. People Who Need a Pre-Workout Energy Boost

Multiple studies reveal that the consumption of protein before a workout session can boost athletic performance drastically. If you plan to switch onto greater levels and intricate positions during your workout, your warmup session must include the consumption of protein snack bars. Since they are readily available, protein snack bars are travel-friendly and can be carried to the gym. Around 47.1 per cent of Australians aged, between 18 and 24 years used gyms, says a report from 2020. Boosting energy before a workout can also reflect on post-workout fatigue and complications, especially if you are new to performing intense and high-end activities. You can either have a 100% carb-free protein snack bar or go with those coupled with carb content to increase body muscle protein synthesis before a workout. 

  1. People Facing Post-Workout Muscle Wastage

Post-workout fatigue can be intensely tiring. In such cases, protein snack bars right in protein can fuel your energy levels. Some intricate positions can even cause tissue injury, which may remain latent. With time, these underlying dams, ages can intensify and create tissue tensions and stress. In the worst scenarios, it might even cause ligament or muscle tears. In most other cases, amateur athletes may face extensive muscle wastage post their daily dose of workouts. An excellent post-workout protein snack bar will contain protein between 5 to 10g. 

Things to Look for in a Protein Snack Bar

Here is a list of factors you must watch out for when buying a protein snack bar,

  1. Ingredients

Undeniably, protein snack bars need to contain an optimal amount of protection. You will have to look for protein sources like soy, wheat, pea, etc. Other nutrient sources you will require in a protein bar must serve fibres and carbs. Watch out for bars that contain oils and excessive trans fat or sugars. 

  1. Allergens

While you skim through the ingredient panel, remember to watch out for allergens like soy or gluten. 

  1. Quantity

While there is no standard quantity a bar must hold, always cross-check the nutrient intake per serving to find the best protein snack bar. 

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