How Can I Crack IBPS PO Interview? What Important Questions Are Asked in the Interview?

IBPS PO exam consists of the preliminary and mains exam along with the Interview session. IBPS PO exam evaluates whether the candidates are fit to work in the government sector. In addition, the exam tests students’ proficiency in various fields like general knowledge, current affairs, English language, general aptitude, computer aptitude, etc. 

The interview round is the final round of the selection process. It also plays an essential role in shortlisting candidates for allotment to various positions as officers. Therefore, candidates appearing for the interview round must pay special attention to the critical questions while preparing for the interview. This way, it will be easier for them to prepare for the interview. 

Students must have an idea about how to crack the IBPS PO interview. Without proper planning, candidates will find it impossible to crack the interview. Therefore, this article explores the ways to clear the IBPS PO interview.

How to Crack the IBPS PO Interview?

Listed below are some of the ways of clearing the IBPS PO interview:

  1. Be prepared: Candidates must prepare themselves for any question that comes their way. Since the IBPS PO exam is highly competitive, the interviewers might ask expected and unexpected questions. Therefore, the candidates must prepare themselves to answer the interviewers without hesitation to create a good impression. They must revise whatever they learned in UG and PG and have profound knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge. The candidate must also know about their family background and history, as family-related questions are common in the IBPS PO Exam interviews.
  1. Be Punctual: Punctuality is the most crucial thing to remember while appearing for the interview. The interviewers evaluate the candidates from the moment they enter the venue. Therefore, candidates must reach the interview venue on or before time. Punctuality adherence will create a good impression of the candidate in front of the interviewers. It will also indicate that the candidate is serious about pursuing a job in this field. 
  1. Tell the truth: Interviewers catch bluffing immediately. Therefore, candidates must not provide them with false information. Bluffing or lying about anything will ultimately lead to a wrong impression about a candidate. Therefore, candidates must ensure whatever they say during the interview is the truth. 
  1. Appropriate actions: Actions are one of the most vital factors during the interview. From the knock on the door to the time the candidate leaves, the interviewers scrutinize everything. Candidates must knock on the door once and ask while coming inside the room. The handshake must be moderately firm, as it is one of the primary factors of creating an impactful impression. The candidate’s body language must show that they are confident enough, but it should in no way indicate any arrogance. The back must be straight at all times, and candidates must avoid leaning. Candidates must also keep the phone away from sight during the interview process.

These are some ways candidates can use to crack the IBPS PO Exams. Students must follow these tips to create a good impression on the interviewers. 

Important Questions in the Interview

Listed below are some critical questions the interviewers ask during the IBPS PO exam interview:

  1. Personal Questions: Interviewers often ask questions about the candidate’s job profile and their family background in this category. Commonly asked IBPS PO Interview questions are: Where do you come from? What is your educational qualification? Why did you leave your previous job? Are you willing to work anywhere in India? Why are you interested in the back sector? What are your hobbies?
  1. Field-Related Questions: The interviewers will ask technical questions from the field you have chosen as your subject. These questions may come from current affairs or banking knowledge. Questions commonly asked: Who is the Prime Minister/President of India? Who is the Governor of your state? What do you think of the financial policies of India? How many types of banks are there in India? What is the role and function of RBI? 

These are some common types of questions that interviewers ask during the interview round. Interviewers often cross-question candidates. They do this to check whether the student’s information is authentic or genuine. Therefore, the students must prepare answers for cross-questioning too. 


Preparing for the IBPS PO exam interview is an intricate and rigorous process. Hence, candidates must receive proper guidance to clear the interview round. BYJU’S Exam Prep is a platform that provides all the necessary guidance to crack the IBPS PO Exam. Learn all about the vital questions that might come during the IBPS PO interview. Check out all the essential information about preparing for the IBPS PO interview now!

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