Nursing Pillows: Four Must-Know Benefits

As new moms, many will understand how challenging it is to manage post-pregnancy complications along with baby nursing. Disturbed sleep patterns coupled with cluster feeding can be extensively tiring, paving the way to insomnia, anxiety and other mental conditions. Studies have found the average new mother receives about six hours of sleep each night during the first three months. However, the figure can vary with each mother as the breastfeeding pattern differs. In such cases, a feeding pillow could be an essential investment to make. Often inexpensive, these pillows can ease extended breastfeeding sessions as they are ergonomic in design.

Perks of using a nursing pillow

If you prefer sitting breastfeeding your little one, there are chances that you might experience trouble with your baby latching or feeling comfortable during the feed. Nursing pillows specifically designed to support your baby’s unstable neck can serve an extensive period as your baby grows. Here are some benefits you and your baby can enjoy from using a feeding pillow,

1. Aids in getting the perfect latch

As a new mother, you might feel your baby often unlatching or finding it tricky to latch perfectly. It eventually can affect your baby’s intake and makes them act and stay flimsy ball day. On the other hand, frequent unlatches can cause pain, making the breastfeeding session discomforting to the baby and invasive to the mother. In such cases, nursing pillows come to the rescue. These pillows are ergonomically designed and come with a raised surface that allows resting the baby’s head. On the bottom line, nursing pillows bring your baby closer to your body which ultimately, lets them latch the right way. 

2. Comes for post breastfeeding usage

If you have recently switched to bottle feeding your little one, making them achieve the appropriate posture is remarkably tricky. Bottle feeding sessions demand your baby’s head to be optimally supported so that they do not feel any discomfort or reflux during the intake. Luckily, nursing pillows can serve several bottle feed instances alongside breastfeeding and even last post breastfeeding periods. Nursing pillows extensively support the baby’s head at the upright position so that they have a spill-free bottle feed. 

3.No more colics and refluxes!

As a new mother, you would have experienced your baby whining post breastfeed and feel some sort of discomfort. Probing deeper, you will understand that your little one might be colicky. There are several reasons why your baby may suffer colic, and one primary cause is indigestion. Other times, disturbed latches can cause your baby to swallow excess air, which in turn causes other gastro complications. A faulty posture can cause infant reflux where the mild moves back up from the baby’s stomach. Nursing pillows play a vital role in propping your little one. They offer snuggly comfort so that their intake does not reverse. 

4. Provides the support your back needs!

Though a feeding pillow is often related to adding comfort to your baby, it can serve you during and post-pregnancy. A nursing pillow can support the lower part of your body during the last few months of your pregnancy. Some researchers even say that using a nursing pillow during the last trimester can alleviate pregnancy pains. Also, most breastfeeding mothers tend to slouch and curve their spines in the course of feeding, which can cause spine and back pain. With nursing pillows, you do not only ensure the position of the baby. You also get to refrain from slouching. Studies say that nursing pillows can also help heal from C-sections quicker. One in every three Australian babies is born via C-section, making it a common delivery type. A nursing pillow aids in healing the incision area and recovering at a faster rate. 

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