4 Fall Eyebrow Trends

Brows are one of the things that change over the decades, for better or worse. The early 2000s and 90s were full of extremely thin and arched brows. Luckily, the last few years have been welcoming fuller and thicker brows. This fall, popularity will continue to lean in favor of fuller brows. The best part? If you hate getting your eyebrows waxed in Austin, it is now a trend to simply let them do their thing. Of course, trends are just trends, but they help you find what you like best. 

Say Goodbye to Grooming

After years of plucking for the thinnest and most defined brows, letting your brows just do their thing is a new trend that is becoming quite popular. If you are more low maintenance, this trend is perfect for you. A great way to style natural brows is by just using a clear eyebrow gel. If you want to add a bit of pigment to your brows, a colored eyebrow gel is another great option. 

Stick-Straight Brows

This type of brow became popular because of Bella Hadid’s 2021 Cannes Film Festival look. This trend consists of shaving off the tail-end of your brow for it to look stick-straight. Another celebrity that is rocking things look is Doja Cat. However, if you are not too sure about this trend, you can use a glue stick or concealer to conceal the tail of your brow. This shape is great if you want to look like you just got a facelift. It helps your face seem more lifted because of the missing section of your brow and looks beautiful with a winged liner. 

Soap Brows

Soap brows have been popular for a bit, but they will continue to be popular this fall. This style is pretty simple, all you need is glycerin-based soap, a spoolie, and water or a setting spray. Sprinkle some water into the soap and soap up the spoolie. You will then comb your brow hairs upwards. Once the soap is dry, it will keep your brow hairs the way you combed them. This trend will give your brows a fuller appearance. To get this eyebrow shape permanently, you can get your brows laminated.   

Disco Brows

This might be the most fun trend that is going to be popular in the fall. With disco brows, you can lay any color or glitter over them to get a unique and fun look. Simply apply the soap to your brows and gently press eyeshadow or glitter over the still-wet soap. Once the soap sets, you will get a fun makeup look that will be super unique. 

Overall, ‘tis the season of full brows. Gone are the days when we would have to overpluck our brows. From completely natural to glitter brows, this season’s trends allow you to try anything you want. If you do not like any of them, at least now you know what works for you. The important part is that you like what you see in the mirror and feel beautiful inside and out. 

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