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NorSTRAT Consulting Inc., an advisory firm that specializes in helping customers implement the Canada’s Northern Strategy, was founded. Lee Carson is the principal shareholder and the operator for NORSTRAT Consulting, which he created in 2004. Carson has dedicated his whole life to research on and studying the Arctic as well as the Antarctic regions. Our view is that Northern Strategy is Canada’s most important, challenging and thrilling opportunity in the 21st century.

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Norstrat provides assistance for managing projects:

Clients of Norstrat:

Consulting firm Norstrat specialises in:

Mission-critical software development:

Norstrat is a top option among film production crews.

Norstrat is focused on infrastructure projects:

Business leaders and military veterans:

Norstrat has a unique architectural design:

Offer of Norstrat:

The purpose of norstrat

The most notable Norstrat projects include:

Transforming one’s passion for exploration into a profit:

Communities in aerospace and defense:

Norstrat offers assistance to managing projects:

Norstrat consulting incorporated offers clients with the most effective guidance and assistance that is available. This is a brief list of the services offered by this firm of consultants:

Offers business development strategies and training.

Assists in the acquisition and administration of bids

Definiting a procurement strategy

Operational requirements are determined

Cabinet Memorandums

Help define the scope of the project.

Shows competence in the subject matter.

Offers suggestions on the Northern Strategy campaign plan’s strategic direction.

Clients of Norstrat:

The Canada’s Northern Strategy is a goal of the firm’s consultants that serves both industrial and government clients. The list of clients they serve is as follows: of clients:

Ultra Electronics Marine


By way of H+K, Saab Technologies Canada

Raytheon Canada’s Technical Assistance and Assistance Services

H+K (through Northwestel)

H+K (Northrop Grumman)

Work of the MacDonald dettwiler

Inc.’s Ocean Systems business unit

To get to L-3MAS, use H+K

Calian (H+K)

Norstrat operates its corporate headquarters from Canada. Its revenues are less than $5 million and the workforce is less than 25 employees. They utilize JQuery Migrate, Google Font API and GoDaddy DNS as well as and a myriad of other technology. Oil companies can now find more oil and gas reserves under the ocean’s surface with advanced technology.

Consulting firm Norstrat specialises in:

Consulting firm Norstrat is a specialist in offering government agencies with technological solutions. Different departments and specialists form the firm’s diverse structure. They also provide services to government bodies including health providers, among others. Since its beginning back in 1998, Norstrat worked with numerous famous names in the area. John Ritter, for example is an actor well-known to the public.

Mission-critical software development:

The development and deployment of mission-critical software are among the top priorities of Norstra Group’s software developers. 20 years ago Norstrat Group of Companies was established. In order to assist their clients in their quest for help, they offer various services. In addition, they offer details about security risks through the Norstrat underwater search and alert system. The Company also provides guidance regarding matters pertaining to National Energy Act and big contracts.

Norstrat is the top choice to film crews

Workshops and seminars about economic development in the north and the economic future are just a few of the offerings. Norstrat is an IT-related company that is specialized in solving difficult issues in government. Additionally, the company employs an extensive number of IT experts. It is located in Italy and Germany Norstrat is the top option to film production crews.

Norstrat concentrates on infrastructure-related initiatives:

In addition, it provides support to companies dealing with many problems. One of the most effective places to film a film could be right here. Norstrat concentrates on infrastructure-related initiatives which are funded through government agencies like the Canadian government. As an advisory panel for emerging offshore businesses they help them develop their business strategies. Innovations in technology and services that can benefit customers through higher revenue are the main area of the group’s members their expertise.

Business leaders and military veterans:

Canadian veteran veterans, business executives and others who were concerned about the future of the country founded Norstrat’s. It also assists its customers with the ability to communicate and business. One of the only places in Canada that an Canadian business can thrive.

Norstrat has a unique architectural design:

Norstrat is a city in the state of Norstrat has an unique design. There are numerous businesses or eateries that are within a brief distance. There are many cultural attractions throughout the area. It is a popular tourist destination. City of Norstrat is the hub of commerce and trade in Scandinavia. Numerous

multinational corporations as well as an Alaskan sister company are associated to it.

Offer of Norstrat:

Industry Canada has certified Norstrat’s compliance program. To be in compliance with Canadian industrial standards the products are manufactured in Canada. Quality products are the characteristic of the products produced by this company. Norstrat offers Full-service certification as well as technical assistance. Norstrat can assist you in starting and expand your company for a variety of applications.

The mission of Norstrat:

At the time Lee Carson founded Norstrat in 1988, he had been a principal consultant to the Canadian Department of National Resources. For Norstrats placing clients into the following image is the principal objective. Its Northern Strategy covers a wide variety of subjects and includes numerous experts from different disciplines. It’s a collective effort.

The most well-known projects of Norstrat:

Commercial development and campaign strategy are among their specializations. Radarsat Constellation Mission, Radarsat 2, and Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel are among the most notable projects of Norstrat. In the exploration of Northwest Passage, Northwest Passage, Norstrat was crucial in bringing together the private sector and The Canadian Armed Forces, Parks Canada as well as academia.

Transforming one’s passion for exploration into a profit:

This is all about helping the clients of Lee Carson get the full picture of his. After working in Canada’s defense and aerospace industry for years, Lee has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with the people who are developing the country’s Northern Strategy. Lee has been involved in numerous excursions such as the 2014 rescue mission of the HMS Erebus which was lost within the Victoria Strait in 1848 and was rescued in the year the year.

Implementing and creating growth plans:

Norstrat On contrary, developed the first underwater search technology built on satellite imagery. It reveals the areas which is currently underwater. They also assisted numerous companies by providing new business models for creating growth strategies and planning. Additionally, they helped various large organizations and corporations in completing their work within the timeframes they promised.

Communities in aerospace and


They were successful in overcoming these obstacles due to the assistance from the think tanks. Public health professionals depend heavily on this type of guidance. Dr. Carson has been a long-time member of Canada’s defence as well as aerospace community. Always, Norstrat offers the optimum solution to meet your needs and requirements.


A group of business leaders from the north bureaucrats, former military personnel established Norstrat. To assist clients with planning and strategy they took an important decision. This is the complete information you require about Norstrat. Norstrat is the Canadian federal government’s most important infrastructure initiatives and actions are the main goal of Norstrat.

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