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Role of marble and tiles in home décor:

To give a modern touch to your house; marbles and tiles can be used in a versatile and modern way to make your home décor even more astonishing. Let’s explore some fascinating factors to know the role of marble and tiles in home décor.

Floor tile and its specifications:

Tiles are mostly manufactured from concrete or cement which has versatile thicknesses and shapes. The varnished and unvarnished both are highly utilized in the decoration of the floor while setting or doing luxury interior designing of the house.

The style and type of the tile are also the determinants of the money you will spend.  The most recent trending tiles are ceramic ones which also come in various types and have cost variations. You can choose the tile by seeing the tile specifications and budget.


  • Tiles have non-porous specifications in their textures and styles
  • The polishing and maintenance charges are just very little and do not require frequent polishing
  • More suitable for hard application procedures
  • The integral part of the indoor specifications
  • The installation is just very subtle and simple

Marble and its characteristics:

Marbles are much more expensive and are usually utilized in posh residents, mosques, hotels, etc. Marble comes in rectangular or square lumps whose usual thickness is 3025mm length and1225mm width. Marbles are usually not slipped proof and have a penetrable texture. 

It is considered as one of the most prestigious choices of home décor to give the chic yet decent and modest look of the house. The opulence of the marble is undeniable. 

The composite marble is the best choice because of its elegance and durability. This marble is considered the prestigious choice of the home designer to uplift the overall look of the house. 


  • The durability factor of the marble is what makes it most wanted in interior designing.
  • It is durable and resistant to heavy traffic areas
  • the polishing of the marble can be repeated and give the shiny texture making the look of the house cleaner. 
  • It is not only an easier option to clean the flooring but is also the most eco-friendly item because it is a natural resource that does not require a lot of processing. 

Floor tile versus marble in interior designing:

The differences between the marble and the title are just clear. Both can be utilized in the uplifting of the house décor and give the chicer look of the house. However, you must understand a few differences to justify the one which you are looking for decorating your house. 

For instance, the marbles are a much more expensive option than that the tiles. The duration of the marble is much more than that of the tile. If you are looking for the less expensive options then just go for the tile option.

The processing of the title is much more because it is made from concrete or cement and then is polished and grazed. On contrary, the marble is a natural stone. 

The loading process of the marble is much more hectic and time taking while the application is easy however, tiles are much fragile and break randomly.

The Interior designer knows the beauty and modesty of the marble and is much more expensive and difficult to maintain as compared to tiles. 

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Going through the whole article you must be able to identify the role of marble and tiles in home décor and which one is better suited for your interior design. You can choose anything to décor your house but taking the assistance of a professional is always the best bet.  

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