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how to build your own grow tent

First, decide how many plants you want to start growing indoors. Next, identify the size of the grow tent heater  that can accommodate them. Next, buy a tent that is slightly larger in size than you estimated. We have put together a step-by-step guide to setting up your growing tent, starting with choosing a suitable growing tent size that meets your requirements.

What is needed for a complete set up of a growth tent?

There are several things you need to have for a complete growing tent. They include:

  • Cultivate timer lights
  • Charcoal filter
  • Heating or air conditioning
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Hydroponic system or pots with mixed soil.
  • Thermometer / Hygrometer
  • Suspension equipment
  • Electrical cables

Grow light

Grow lights are essential for growing your crop indoors. Grow lights give your crop the power that is essential for photosynthesis. The intensity of the growing light they emit also keeps the plants warm and helps to germinate powerful and strong buds. You can also adjust the growth light cycles to give your plants the recommended dark light periods. 

Carbon filter

A carbon filter not only neutralizes odors. When used with the in-line duct fan, a carbon filter will also clean the circulating air in the growth tent. The result is cleaner air, free of spores, odors and other allergens, which promotes the growth of your plants. Heating or air conditioning

Depending on the plants you are trying to grow, you may need both tools. Cannabis plants germinate best in warm climates. Therefore, you need a heater if you are trying to grow cannabis under freezing conditions in the north. The same is true of plants.

Ventilation equipment

Choosing the right ventilation tools is crucial to setting up your growing tent. Your plants not only need a constant supply of new, carbon dioxide-rich air to grow at their best. But ventilation equipment is the most important tool at your disposal to control the temperature.

This is extremely important if you have decided to use HID. These growing candles radiate a lot of heat and need equipment that can disperse it. Otherwise, with defective ventilation equipment, the intensity of HIDs may end up overheating or burning your plants.

Here are two types of ventilation systems you can use:

Active ventilation configurations include a fan and exhaust fan. One of them draws in fresh air from outside and distributes it around the store. The other sucks old air from inside the room and expels it.

Passive configurations consist of a tent ventilation opening and an exhaust. The location of the intake hole, just at the bottom of the tent, allows fresh air to enter. At the same time, the exhaust fan is located at the top to send old air outside.

Hydroponic system or pots with mixed soil

Hydroponic systems allow you to grow your plants in nutrient rich water and thus avoid soil. You can use them to grow anything, anywhere, anytime. And it is at the same time that one gets higher yields than the average grower who still chooses to cultivate land.


The benefits of both types of equipment are obvious. A thermometer will make sure to constantly check the temperature inside the tent. Meanwhile, hygrometers are an instrument for measuring the humidity in the air inside your growing room.

How to set up a growth tent?

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your tent:

  • Setting up tent structure
  • Open the fabric
  • Close the zippers
  • Install the exhaust fan in a frame
  • Install the frame and the intake fan
  • Hang the carbon filter in the growth tent
  • Hang a candle in the growing tent
  • Install the internal circulation fan
  • Set the timer and thermometer

 What are the benefits of growing in growing tents?

  • You can harvest crops at any time of the year
  • Higher performance
  • Free from pests and diseases.
  • Can save money
  • We can control the growth environment.
  • It can save space in relation to the growing room.
  • Cleaner environment
  • If you are obsessed with gardening, you should probably try to grow carp as it has many benefits.

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