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Tips For Converting Your Fireplace to Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert is like a wood-burning stove that has been changed to fit the hearth of a regular fireplace. These “inserts” make it feasible to transform draughty fireplaces. Which is consuming a little energy and polluting the environment, into an efficient heating system.

An insert fireplace is a fireplace surrounded by a steel shell and there are several conversion possibilities: a gas fireplace kit, a ductless gas fireplace, and a built-in gas fireplace. These options do not involve any structural changes, but there are differences in aesthetics and energy efficiency. Installation costs typically include connecting to a gas line within 10 feet.

Insert the fireplace

An insert changes the function of a fireplace so that you can enjoy the fire without worry. The glass doors are always closed because the firebox is sealed, giving you energy efficiency and allowing you to let the fire burn for as long as you want. The gas fireplace insert converts a normal fireplace into a wood-burning masonry inefficient gas heating system. A traditional wood-burning fireplace is ideal for an old house. This fireplace is also inefficient and pollutes the environment.

A wood-burning fireplace is just a great opening in the wall with a fireplace above, which sends heat to the fireplace instead of outside into the room. But an insert fills in the space which diverts the heat. in an existing masonry fireplace, just like a stove. This means it will replace your masonry fireplace and connect to the chimney and flue leading to the outside. It is an inexpensive option to install a fireplace in the fireplace. Gas instead of changing your old mason’s fireplace for better heating efficiency. 

A good insert installation will last for years and is considered permanent as the liner and all supporting hardware are corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Gas inserts are multipurpose and can fully change the design of a room from the traditional fireplace to a modern electric fireplace to minimalist. For conversions from wood burning to gas, fireplace inserts can be installed in almost any old masonry fireplace and are available in a difference of styles and designs to match home decor.

Natural gas insert fireplaces increase heating efficiency, maintain better air quality than wood-burning fireplaces, and sell for much more than their cordwood counterparts. Energy-conscious consumers are fueling the trend for gas fireplace inserts that provide zoned heating for the spaces we use the most. Bills are cheaper when the thermostat is lower on a central oven and a gas fireplace is used as an additional heat source. Builders and contractors avoid brick wood-burning fireplaces, which can lose up to 85% of the heat of the fire through the hearth, and instead use highly efficient ventilated and ventless insert fireplaces that can heat thousands of feet squares of space at low cost.

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