Top Reasons Your Business Should Switch To A Virtual Fax

To many people in the younger generation, faxing is an old, outdated technology, but in reality, it is still active to some extent. Many organizations within the healthcare and legal industries and government institutions still rely on faxing to share documents, and they expect to work with other organizations over fax. However, faxing in this age is different from what it used to be before. Businesses and companies are looking to maintain faxing functionality while also freeing themselves from the burdens of the physical resources that come with traditional faxing. That’s where virtual faxing comes in.

Virtual fax is a modern solution to faxing in a digital and electronic world. With virtual fax, you are able to upload documents electronically to an online faxing portal to convert and send the document securely to the ideal fax number. These faxes also come in as electronic attachments to selected email addresses. 

If your business has not switched to virtual faxing yet, here are a few reasons why you should make the switch. 

  1. Convenience

Virtual faxing allows users to launch the fax service from anywhere in the world. This makes it incredibly convenient for business organizations with remote workers. For instance, a company with an external sales force would benefit from virtual fax by sending contracts and applications from mobile devices and smartphones. According to a college paper writing service, this allows the company to have digital records of transactions and work with new clients efficiently. 

  1. Environmentally friendly

In a research by the University of Colorado, and published by write my assignment platform, they determined that fax machines use up 210 billion paper sheets per year in the US. This has massive negative impacts on the environment due to deforestation. 

Additionally, fax machines use a lot of energy. Apart from the power used to receive and send faxes actively, these machines are also continuously left on to receive incoming faxes, especially those that do not come in during regular hours. So, they constantly consume energy. 

However, virtual faxes use online networks and have virtually nonexistent energy impact. 

  1. Fewer resources

Unlike the traditional faxing system, virtual fax requires far fewer resources to run continuously and successfully. For example, a virtual fax does not need a fax machine that takes up office space and doesn’t require paper or ink and other equipment to maintain or repair the machine. Also, you don’t need to pay to get a dedicated line for faxing because it uses the internet. 

  1. Secure storage

One of the reasons why some companies are skeptical about switching to virtual fax is document security. They see traditional faxes as safer because they are sent over phone lines than email attachments that are vulnerable to hacking. This point is valid because hackers are known to target emails where they perceive vulnerabilities in security. 

However, using a trustworthy virtual fax provider ensures that your documents are protected through email confirmation and SSL encryption. In addition the provider uses monitored and secure communication channels to ensure the document’s safety. This makes the documents safer through virtual fax than the traditional fax that can print several physical copies and leave them potentially exposed to anybody passing by.

With virtual faxing, the documents are stored in a secure, encrypted, and cloud-accessible database. 

  1. Affordable

You will need to spend hundreds or some thousands of dollars to use a high-capacity fax machine, and you also need a third party to handle maintenance and service calls. These funds accumulate. Also, maintenance may cause some downtime which may be costly for the business as well. 

Several other costs come with using the traditional fax machine such as dedicated phone line electricity cost, paper, time spent running and troubleshooting the machine by employees. 

However, all of these costs are eliminated in virtual fax. You only need to pay a fee to the virtual fax provider to use their services online. It does not require extra power, additional phone lines, or paper.


Virtual fax has far better advantages than traditional faxes for your organization and the environment. If you are yet to make the switch, this article discusses some of the reasons why you should. 

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