TikTokkers Are Adding Lemon to Their Coffee for Weight Loss

In the world of social media, where trends are common, it takes no time for a new challenge to pop up. Trends can be fun, educational, or fitness-freak that can guide or mislead. Everything over the internet is not worth your trust. One such trend taking the internet over the storm is adding lemon to coffee for weight loss. The trend might sound silly to some, but it does make sense to others. Before you fall for the enticing effect of trends, it’s your job to find the truth behind it. If you are ready to fall, fall for the real trends. 

Health Benefits Of Coffee And Lemon

Lemon juice and coffee are two different drinks, and they have their own advantages and flaws. Here we will discuss some of them about coffee and lemon. 


Coffee has caffeine in higher amounts, and it is a stimulant. The metabolism levels boost up with the intake of coffee. A fast metabolism rate is linked with an increased weight loss process in the body. The negative side of taking more than enough coffee is that you will see the effect of weight loss due to coffee diminishing over time. Consuming it in higher amounts can cause: 

  • Insomnia.
  • Rapid heart rhythms.
  • Dehydration
  • Headaches.
  • Anxiety.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are one of the most famous citrus fruits around the world. It contains fewer calories, fiber, and carbs, having a high water content. Lemon is a repository of vitamin C, B6, and potassium. The health benefits of lemon water are:

  • Prevents Anemia.
  • Helps remove kidney stones.
  • Protects heart.
  • Helps with digestive problems.

Side Effects: 

  • Can cause allergies.

Is The Trend Worth The Try?

Both lemon and coffee have health benefits and are readily available at home. Coffee is a must-have drink in the morning to kickstart your day. It is considered a potential weight loss drink because of its metabolism-boosting ability. Lemon water can be your perfect morning drink for weight loss, skin, digestive, and other different problems. What if we put them all together? The current TikTok trend suggests doing the same. The myth that gets air via this notion is- it will help you shed weight faster as it melts down body fat. This is not true in any case. The drinks will serve their usual benefits but will not show a speeding effect for weight loss. Our body only takes the nutrients in the required amount; the rest is eliminated from the body. Mitchelle Morgan, a health writer of Health Canal, clears the rumors that mixing the two ingredients won’t increase the potential effect of weight loss. Hence, there is no solid proof of this drink working as a magic fat-burning beverage.

Other Ways to Kickstart Weight Loss

As you now know, lemon and coffee together is just a rumor of a weight loss-boosting beverage. Both have potential benefits, but together they do not speed up weight loss. There are other ways to try to kickstart your weight loss journey. 


Exercising should come first when you are on a weight loss journey. When you exercise, you help your body boost metabolism. A higher metabolism rate is directly linked with burning more calories. Workout and increase your daily physical activity levels to shed fat daily. 


Diet is a significant aspect of life. Even if you are obese or not balanced diet is a must. Increase intake of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits to improve your appetite. Fibre-rich foods also halt the feeling of hunger, giving a feeling of satiation. 


You can supplement your diet with weight loss supplements in the market. It is a great way to reduce your calorie consumption by eating less, as they suppress your hunger. They even fill the gap of nutritional deficiency, making it more beneficial for your diet plan.


A change of lifestyle can change the way you lead your life. A healthy lifestyle will keep you away from diseases like obesity and other life-threatening problems. Fix your sleeping hours, exercise, and treat yourself with a portion of good food to lead an obese and disease-free life. 


Trends may come and go, but the impact can last forever. Lemon and coffee are potential weight loss drinks, but they don’t boost weight loss. Expert advice that each component may have its own health benefits, but the trend has no proof base to stand upon and claim to be effective. There may be other trends coming your way claiming to shed pounds with some silly combination. There are several powerful ways to try out and see weight loss results. You don’t have to be a part of some TikTok trends that are simply a myth. The results of weight loss are never instant; you will have to work hard, take a deep breath, and start again to maintain the perfect body you desire.

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