What Type of Skateboard Should I Get?

Some people mistake a skateboard for a two-by-four with wheels; they don’t notice the difference & probably don’t care. Let’s have a look at the many varieties of skateboards you’ll encounter on the streets. At a very basic level, I’ll go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of each style of board. So, which skateboard should you buy?

If you want to focus on technical skating, a popsicle skateboard is a way to go. If you want a compact and agile commuter to travel in congested areas, choose a cruiser. If you want to go vast distances without exerting much effort, invest in a longboard.

Let’s have a look at the many sorts of skateboards and longboards available, as well as what makes them ideal for one activity and not so good for another. I’ll go through some of the benefits and drawbacks, as well as why you should or shouldn’t buy. Let’s get started.

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Skateboard Types And Styles

I’ll merely go through the most common types and styles in passing, and I’ll go into more detail later. The majority of novices choose for a longboard, cruiser, or standard popsicle types of skateboard.

Think about what you’re doing before you make a decision. Perhaps all you want to do is drive around and not try any technical wizardry. Perhaps you’d want to go for a longer cruise or bike downhill. Do tricks and become a nasty skateboarder, which is 

the most prevalent option.

Popsicle Skateboard

Popsicle skateboards account for around half of all skateboards sold. This is the most common skateboard, and it’s made for performing technical tricks. It’s also feasible to simply cruise on them, but you’ll need the right wheels for that. Let’s take a look at what they’re good for any way you should or shouldn’t get one.

They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6.5′′ broad for youngsters to 10′′ wide for adults. To begin, the most frequent size is 8.0′′. Consider an 8.25′′ if you’re a little larger or heavier. You may go up or down in size once you’ve become used to riding a standard skateboard. By then, you should have a better idea of what you prefer.


Coming from a skating background, I recently acquired a secondhand longboard, and I gotta say, riding a longboard is incredible! We have some fantastic bike routes here, and riding one of those in the summer with a gentle breeze is incredibly soothing and enjoyable.

Longboards are less popular than popsicles, but they are still incredibly popular and the quickest increasing market! They’re ideal for novices who wish to go vast distances while enjoying the flexibility of riding aboard.

Even a longboard can be used for tricks, but it has fewer options than a standard skateboard. Longboarding comes in a variety of techniques, such as dancing, bombing hills, freestyle, and so on, but you’ll discover your personal favorite along the road.


Cruisers are shorter than longboards and are quick, agile, and portable skateboards. Some skateboards are significantly shorter than a standard skateboard (mini cruisers). These boards are ideal for riding in the city, cruising about town, or around the college.

Learning to ride a cruiser is a little more difficult, but if you pick one that’s wide enough, you’ll be up and running in no time. Some cruisers can only do a certain number of tricks. I put a few of the cruisers through their paces and reviewed a number of them; here’s the rundown.

A cruiser with a kicktail and/or a nose is appropriate for more technical activities. Keep in mind that tricks are more difficult on a cruiser; if you want to perform technical stuff, seek a popsicle board.

What Type of Skateboard Is Best for Beginners?

If if it were that simple, there would be no such thing as “the best skateboard for beginners.” There are too many variables at play, and it all relies on what you want to accomplish, your skating environment (rough roads, hills, neighboring skateparks), and your budget.

A longboard is a wonderful choice if you want to learn to ride aboard quickly. They are less difficult to ride than a popsicle board.

Decide what you enjoy and proceed from there. Once you’ve made your decision, don’t go for the cheapest board you can find. I would recommend Landyachtz for cruisers and Sector 9 and Landyacthz for longboards. Regular Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, or Plan B skateboards.

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