Best data only plans for 2022

Choosing the best unlimited data only plan should not only be exclusive to delivering unlimited text, calls, or data to your phone each month. Instead, it should also pack plenty of perks that can add significant value to your monthly wireless service. This way, you get to maximize what your plan offers for an extended period instead of sticking solely to an otherwise dissatisfying deal. More importantly, the best unlimited data only plans should have to be affordable and low-cost, all while still promising to offer you great benefits.

Knowing some of the best unlimited data only plans to avail of is important, especially if you’re looking for a new phone; many carriers and telcos often try their best to get you to sign to certain data plans for the best phone deal. In this regard, it’s recommended if you consider all the available options to choose from before finally selecting one. You may probably find a plan where you can get better perks from, like HD video streaming, 5G coverage, and hotspot data alongside unli calls and texts.

2022 has opened up a new roster and a few options to choose from when it comes to the best unlimited data only plans. For this, here are some things you need to know about the best data deals that Circle.Life offers.

100GB/month Data

Nothing says unlimited, like 100GB of data to splurge on every month. Here, you can get unprecedented access to the Internet and be able to stream your favorite shows or remain up to date with socials anywhere you go. This data plan makes for a convenient option for when you want ready access to the web, no matter where you are.

Rollover Data

As if it doesn’t get any better, there’s also the 4G Data Rollover to look forward to when you avail of the existing unlimited data only plan. Apart from getting 100 mins of talk time for both outgoing and incoming calls, free caller ID display, and 25 SMS to go with your plan, you also have this convenient addition.

Rollover Data maximizes your 100GB data plan by automatically rolling over all your extra and unused data towards the next month. For just $20, you can stream hours of your favorite show or series and actually make it last. This means that for a relatively low-cost amount, you have the opportunity to roll over at least 300GB of fast 4G data from your monthly leftover data.

Here’s how:

  • You have to obtain the Unlimited Data add-on through the add-ons during your purchase period, or you can choose to activate it within the app.
  • Your Data Rollover will be included automatically as long as you remain on Unlimited Data.
  • What’s great is that the Rollover data never really expires, as long as you don’t decide to cancel the subscription. This makes it more convenient and makes for a really good unlimited data deal for your phone!

Stream, browse, shop, and enjoy the full extent of your data plan with utmost ease through Circle Life’s best deals. Circle Life is among the top-rated networks when it comes to video speeds, ensuring a lag-free experience and also providing 100% bill transparency. Here, getting unlimited data can never get easier without blowing your pocket.

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