Here’s Why Fashion Nova Keep Going Viral – Hint, Their Tweets & SMS are Hilarious

Fashion Nova, the hugely popular clothing label just can’t go wrong when it comes to their SMS and tweets. Audiences can’t get enough of them simply because they’re so bang on the moment and they’re also funny!

This is part of what’s ensured that Fashion Nova has stayed relevant in the super-competitive world of fashion. Their ability to stay in line with what’s happening in popular culture and in the lives of their audience has ensured that the name Fashion Nova keeps cropping up on social media feeds.

Bing Bong it’s Fashion Nova!

Just before Christmas in 2021, a certain sound on TikTok was driving everyone crazy and Fashion Nova were right there to join in the trend. The “Bing Bong” sound was trending so hard that it was even included on a weather report!

Always quick to see the fun in these moments, Fashion Nova sent out a promo text with the words “BING BONG BOG FREE SALE! Get 2 for the price of 1. Mix and Match ALL dresses, jumpsuits and matching sets!! Hurry, tell Joe Byron now!” Twitter went nuts and it was retweeted thousands of times with people commenting how funny Fashion Nova is.

@FOREIGNBARBIE said, “Why Fashion Nova text me, BING BONG BOGO FREE SALE, their PR team be on it fr.”

@filthyricchbrat said, “Fashion Nova with the BING BONG text got me weak af rn, they never miss!”

The tweets just kept coming and it’s clear that Fashion Nova know how to draw attention to their brand – they’ve always been a big part of viral events though and in November of 2021, right as Britney Spears won her fight to be a free woman in her own right, Fashion Nova tweeted, “It’s FREEE like Britney B*tch! BOGO FREE jeans, sweaters, jackets, tops AND lingerie starts now! Get half your cart 4 FREE!”

The responses showed just how much people appreciate the sharp humour of the much-loved brand.

@Monikaabaaby said, “omg they never miss!”

@LoveRaciah2 said, “Fashion Nova’s marketing needs a raise, those text be having me dying laughing!”

It can’t be denied that Fashion Nova’s promotions are hilariously on-trend at times and we also can’t forget their ability to push out clothing that not only grabs attention but causes a hurricane of responses on social media – like the Optical Illusion dress that went viral in October of 2021.

The maxi dress was shared by “Jem” an influencer on TikTok and quickly gathered 2.7 million views due to its clever design.

The post by Jem under her handle @xojemian, shows how when the belt of the dress is cinched, the waistline appears to dramatically shrink. Fans of Fashion Nova went wild for the flattering dress and it sold out super quickly.

How Fashion Nova built their reputation on their customers’ passions

By listening closely to the things their customers are talking about, by sharing the same set of standards and interests, Fashion Nova have become an inescapable part of their fans’ lives.

Early on in Fashion Nova’s journey they were quickly harnessing the power of the share and by utilising their customer’s Instagram pics and allowing them to become influencers in return for rewards, they ensured their crowd was personally invested in the company.

Modern life is hugely influenced by social media, what we buy, when we buy it, who we buy it from is all affected by what we see in our news feeds.

Fashion Nova’s brilliance is captured by their understanding of this and their bright, fashion-forward team are amazing at what they do when it comes to ensuring that the brand knows exactly what their audience is interested in.

Who are Fashion Nova?

As they say themselves, they’re “Unapologetically sexy. Obsessed with being the forefront of fashion.”

They’re the brand that has taken the world by storm with their massive social media following, their super-sexy lines and their charitable actions.

In 2018 they earned the title of the #Most-Searched Fashion Brand on Google and for good reason.

Based in Los Angeles, there are 5 retail stores through Southern California and both the stores and the online store offer collections for women, men, curve and kids. Their clothing has been worn by many of the most popular celebrities including Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Tyga and Amber Rose to name but a few. Fashion Nova has even been mentioned in chart-topping songs.

With a gift for understanding exactly what their audience want in an outfit, Fashion Nova continue to slay the competition thanks to the affordability of what they offer combined with the high quality of the clothing. 

This is no cheap fast fashion retailer, it’s a lifestyle, a philosophy for living and a pop culture phenomenon. 

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