Why You Should Choose ARCC Spaces for Rent in Singapore

Your business is only as good as the office spaces that you choose to work from. As a business owner, it’s your job to ensure that everyone on board is happy with their work environment. If the staff are not comfortable working in your office, then they will have a problem doing their jobs properly. So, below is a list of a few reasons why you should choose ARCC Spaces for rent in Singapore.

1) Fully Furnished And Equipped

Of course, an office needs desks and chairs to be considered a functioning workspace. The ARCC Spaces’ offices ​are fully furnished with working desktops that enable your staff to get their jobs done without any problems. In addition, there are also proper lighting fitting installed in the rooms for better visibility.

2) Multiple Locations For Flexibility

The companies and entrepreneurs renting ARCC Spaces do not need to worry about finding a new office for their business. There are many different locations where the spaces can be found, such as Chinatown Point, Central Business District (CBD), Kampong Glam, and River Valley. All the available offices come fully equipped with everything that you require as a startup.

3) Attractive Rent Conditions

The rent conditions for ARCC Spaces are quite attractive, so it’s a good investment. The prices start from just $2 per square foot which is an excellent price in comparison to the other available options. This amount is inclusive of outfitting and basic telephone setup. There are also additional amenities that can be purchased from the leasing representative if required.

4) Business And Entrepreneurial Community

The ARCC Spaces offices are located in a community that is friendly to businesses and entrepreneurs. The representatives in these spaces have a wealth of knowledge about operating a startup so they can help you take your business to great heights. There is also an entrepreneurial support team to help you with any problems that you might have.

5) Easy To Resolve Problems

It would be a nightmare to work in an office and not be able to resolve the problems easily. The ARCC Spaces offer state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, so there is no need to worry about resolving IT issues or other technical difficulties.

6) Free Accessories 

While the ARCC Spaces offices are fully equipped, there is a range of free accessories that you can have. If you need stationery, furniture or office supplies then all those things will be available for you to take as much as you require. This is very rare amongst other companies offering similar services so it’s a huge benefit for entrepreneurs and startups.

7) Location

The ARCC Spaces offices are conveniently located for your staff to get to, so they will have no problems traveling to work. The journey to get to these offices is also very quick, so you don’t have to worry about the traffic.

Also, you can enjoy 24*7 access to the offices so that you can work anywhere at any time.

So, these are just some of the reasons why Arcc Spaces is made for entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s an affordable space with multiple locations that provide easy accessibility for your staff.

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