3 Useful Tips to increase Followers and Streams on Spotify

Spotify is an excellent platform for marketing music and growing an artist’s fan base. But gaining Spotify streams and followers is not straightforward. This is especially true for unsigned musicians with limited exposure. But with the appropriate techniques, even relatively obscure musicians can impact it. One strategy could be to buy Spotify plays or build a playlist.

Upload Music On The Platform:

To succeed on Spotify, the first step is to upload the songs. However, the platform restricts the users from posting their music for free, unlike Bandcamp, YouTube, or SoundCloud. Signing up for a digital distribution service or a record label is one method an artist may use to achieve this since they will quickly obtain their tunes on Spotify.

But if an artist wants to be self-sufficient, they’ll have to handle their own distribution. Thankfully, it is not as challenging as it may seem, and services like CDBaby, TuneCore, and DistroKid, to name a few, can help them out. Their music will also be available on Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play, in addition to Spotify.

Furthermore, these distribution platforms will pay and collect royalties generated by the artist’s song. Some also provide digital marketing tools and other resources so that they can advertise, licence, and sell the music.

Activity On Social Media:

Apart from purchasing them directly, being active on social media is a great way to obtain Spotify plays. With billions of members, social networks are wonderful digital outlets for keeping fans involved as well as promoting their music online. Putting their tunes and playlists on their social media profiles will keep them active, engage their target audience, and bring more inbound traffic to their Spotify profile.

They may attract listeners by posting exclusive content on social media, such as remixes, live versions, and covers. They’ll be able to get more listeners and streams, improving their chances of appearing in user searches.

Creating Playlists:

Playlists are one of the most proven generators of Spotify streams. Simply put, they’re the fastest way to get millions of people to hear an artist’s music. However, getting their songs recognized on the platform’s popular playlists might be difficult. The greatest strategy for a musician to obtain more fans and streams is to create their own. Here are some helpful hints:

●       It should include a mix of selected music and performances from different genres. Share these playlists regularly and show support for fellow musicians, and the likelihood of a favour being returned will be considerably improved.

● Keep the playlists up-to-date. Because current followers are likely to be alerted of any changes, this will keep them relevant.

For musicians wishing to kickstart their careers and reach millions of potential followers, Spotify is an amazing streaming platform. However, making the most of it still takes some effort. The suggestions mentioned above can assist an artist in increasing their streams and following. Or they can just simply buy Spotify plays from the SpotifyStorm website.

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