How Does the Government Help With Student Housing?

The cost of attending college has steadily increased over the past few decades. To help students cover these rising costs, the federal government offers financial aid options that cover a portion of a student’s education. Student housing is no exception to this rule. The price of a college dorm can quickly add up, and students are looking for ways to cut costs as much as possible. Luckily, the government offers several resources to help students finance their college housing. Financial aid options for students can come in a variety of different forms. Here’s how the government helps with student housing.

1. Federal Loans

Federal loans are a way for students to borrow money while attending school from the government. These loans have several requirements that you must meet before the loan is approved. The amount of money you can borrow from the loan is determined by those requirements. Most federal loans require students to have a certain income level, be a certain age, and have a certain credit history before any federal loan is approved. The amount of money available for each student to borrow depends on their financial need and credit history.

2. Room & Board

Another form of financial aid for students attending college is room and board. You can use this financial aid to pay for housing costs, including rent, utilities, food, and other basic expenses. If you are interested in receiving room and board financial aid, be sure to ask your school’s financial aid office about the possibility of receiving it. For example, if you want a room at Summerhill Apartments in Atlanta, GA, you will have to apply for financial aid to help you pay for your room and board costs. You can also check with the financial assistance office at different colleges to see if they offer any other forms of financial aid for students attending school.

3. Grants

The federal government also offers grants that help offset some of the cost of attending school. These grants come in different forms depending on what type of student the student is. All students attending a college or university are eligible for federal grants. These grants can come in a Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), National Science and Technology Grant, National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program, and other federal financial aid forms.

4. Scholarships

The government also offers scholarships that help offset the cost of a college education. These scholarships can be given to students who have met certain criteria or attended a specific school or institution. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic achievement, and the money contributed to a student’s college fund by parents or other family members. There are several different types of scholarships offered by the government, and each type has different requirements for eligibility. These scholarships can be monetary and non-monetary in that they can provide services or student housing to students.

5. Tax Credits

Another form of financial aid for student housing is the tax credit. This type of aid comes from the federal government. It allows students to deduct a portion of their university costs from their income taxes. This type of aid is extremely valuable to students because it can save thousands in taxes every year. Also, tax credits are free money and don’t require students to pay anything out of pocket.

6. Tuition Discounts

Another form of financial aid for student housing is tuition discounts. This type of aid allows students to receive a discount on their college tuition costs by filling out some paperwork with their attending school. Not all schools offer tuition discounts, but if you are interested in receiving one, ask your school’s financial aid office about them. You can also receive tuition discounts from the government, free money.


In conclusion, financial aid for student housing is an extremely important aspect of student life. It allows students to have a roof over their heads and pay for college without worrying about money. In addition, it is extremely valuable to students because it will enable them to receive free money from the government.

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