7 Reasons Why Choosing a Gynaecology Specialist is Important

A gynaecology specialist, or gynaecologist, is an expert dealing with diseases and the general well-being of the female reproductive system. The services of a gynaecology specialist are particularly required when a woman’s body undergoes many changes during the period of pregnancy. Any gynaecology specialist in Singapore or gynaecology clinic services focus on every aspect related to the female reproductive health system.

  • Pelvic pain
  • Vulvar pain
  • Vaginal pain
  • Abnormal bleeding from the uterus.
  • Pregnancy
  • Fertility
  • Menstruation
  • Menopause.
  • Birth control
  • Breast exam
  • Pains caused by sexual intercourse

1. Your Reproductive Health System Needs Special Attention

Most women have a reproductive system prone to complex health issues. An annual visit to the gynaecologist is highly recommended for any female who has attained puberty. The annual check-up will expose health complications that need a gynaecology specialist’s attention. Some health complications are best detected early as a preventive measure. The gynaecology specialists in Singapore can detect any unusual anomaly in your reproductive system and offer expert care to rectify it.

2. Gynaecologist Clinic Services Provide Comprehensive Care

Your family doctor attends to your general medical requirements. However, with expertise in female reproductive health, any gynaecology specialist in Singapore is better equipped to attend to your reproductive health requirements. The specialists offer a comprehensive focus on your reproductive health system. On the other hand, the gynaecologist clinic services are equipped with qualified specialists, nurses and certified midwives to attend to your health needs.

3. You Are Experiencing a High-Risk Pregnancy

Women experiencing high-risk pregnancies will need to undergo an amniocentesis or ultrasounds. The gynaecology clinic services take care of such clinical tests to assess certain risks associated with pregnancy.

4. Ensure Optimal Maternal Health

The wisest option the moment you get to know your pregnancy is to approach a gynaecology specialist. The health and well-being of a mother are essential and critical to achieving a safe child delivery. The gynaecology clinic services, equipped with gynaecology specialists in Singapore, concentrate on maternal healthcare in order to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. The gynaecologist monitors the mother throughout the pregnancy to make sure everything is under control.

5. You Want to Plan for Pregnancy

If you experience a recurrent pregnancy loss, it is high time you opted for a fresh treatment plan. Recurrent pregnancy is sometimes associated with infertility. But you cannot determine this on your own. It is beyond the scope of your family physician as well. If you experience miscarriages often, yuo must consider visiting a gynaecologist in Singapore to diagnose your condition and come up with a treatment plan.

6. For Contraception Planning

Birth control is a widely used method to prevent unplanned pregnancy, used by both men and women. Many types of contraception methods are available but these require careful attention. Improper birth control can affect your overall health system negatively. If you want to avoid getting pregnant and are considering a reliable contraception method,, do visit one of the gynaecology clinics services to obtain the expert service of a gynaecology specialist in Singapore.

7.  Avoid Breast Cancer 

A breast exam is an often neglected aspect of any routine health check up. While an annual check-up is highly recommended to avoid breast cancer, the gynaecology clinic services also advise frequent manual breast exams for early detection and prevention of cancer.

As reiterated above, choosing the correct gynaecology specialist is a very important decision that you can make when it comes to your reproductive health, family planning and overall health and well being. Reach out to the right specialist.

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