What to Look for in a Dog Enclosure?

Your dog is the centre of your universe. You want to ensure its safety and comfort at all times. 

The best way to do that is to buy a dog enclosure.

Around half of all Australian households have a pet dog. A dog enclosure is a boon to pet parents who cannot keep their fur babies under constant supervision. Moreover, they are suitable for dogs of all sizes and have varying benefits for pups and adult dogs. 

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What is a Dog Enclosure?

A dog enclosure or pen is a sturdy fence used to contain your dog in a limited but comfortable space without your supervision. It keeps your dog from running around the house and potentially hurting itself against furniture or sharp objects.

Remember that they are not a substitute for your presence and should not be used for long periods. Before leaving a dog in an enclosure, you should ensure they are safe and secure. 

Materials Used for Dog Enclosures

The most important thing to consider when you buy a dog enclosure is its strength. If your canine can chew its way through the fence, it defeats the purpose. Here are the three popular materials for you to choose from according to your dog’s needs.


Metal enclosures are the most popular and the most expensive option on the market. They are chew-proof, and your dog will not be able to shift or lift them because of their considerable weight. 

In addition, these pens are usually adjustable in size, and you can join multiple fences together to build a larger pen. The only thing you need to double-check is the quality of the pen. Cheap pens can have open-ended metal wires that can cause injuries. So, always invest in a high-quality product for your dog. 


These pens are not as durable as the metal ones. They are more chewable and accessible for your pet to escape from eventually. However, they are a good option if you plan to use the enclosure outdoors. 

Although they are reasonably safe, it is not advisable to get plastic pens for teething pups or more active dogs as they are easy to shift around because of their lightweight.


If you have an older dog who needs its safe corner in the house, mesh enclosures are perfect for the job. While they might not be the best option for young, energetic, and teething dogs, you can opt for a mesh pen for a calm dog. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to carry around. 

Size of the Pen

A pen is a place for your dog to feel safe, so it should in no way make your dog feel caged. Depending upon the breed of the dog and how big it grows, find a spacious pen for your pet.

If you are looking to buy a dog enclosure for a grown dog, make sure that it allows adequate space for your dog to lie down fully stretched. Moreover, if your enclosure is a fence, you must consider the height so that your dog does not escape.

Instead of buying a fixed size pen, you can also opt for an adjustable one so that as your dog grows, its enclosure can grow with it.

Final Thoughts

You should buy a dog enclosure to keep your pet calm and protected. It also allows you to introduce new friends to young pups and is a game-changer for potty training. A dog enclosure is a must-have regardless of how old or young your fur baby is a must-have!

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