Hair Extensions That Will Change Your Hairstyling Routine Entirely! 

Are you a fan of making unlimited hairstyles for different occasions but stop due to thin hair or other hair related issues? Or are you fed up with getting late for your urgent meetings as you cannot perfect even the simplest hairstyles? 

If you face these issues just like me then you are in the right place to get all your answers to the hair related issues. Last month, I was having a meltdown as I had to travel across the globe and wanted a hairstylist to accompany me for all my hairstyles. Unfortunately, most of the stylists were not present and the ones that were; they were extremely expensive and I did not want to spend that much money on a hairstylist. That is when a member of my team handed me three different pieces of hair extensions.

One was a messy bun, second was a claw clip ponytail and third piece was a small clip on straight bun. As soon as she handed me these I was like “What am I supposed to do with these?” and then she showed me her head and I realized I can take these with me on the trip and can look snatched, sleek, classy and beautiful without any effort by wearing these. The best thing about these is that the hair looked like real hair and it perfectly matched my hair shade. So, if you are someone like me and cannot make perfect hairstyles then this is the product that you need. As a professional influencer, I cannot press on how much you will love these JuvaBun hair extensions. Anyways, let’s compare the old ways and new JuvaBun ways to make three hairstyles and the time they take.

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The Old Way to Messy Bun, Straight Bun and Ponytail

During the old times, what we did was for a messy bun; we usually made a tight ponytail and then scrunched up our hair to create a messy look and then secured it with new hair elastic. Then we pinched our hair to set the messy bun and if there were any weird ends coming out, we used to fix them with some setting spray and pins. However, it took a lot of time and required patience to be made but with the JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions, you can do all this in seconds. When you have JuvaBun hair extensions you can do any hairstyle in seconds. 

Anyways, for the straight buns, the process was the same, just there was no scrunching of hair involved but the time it took was either similar or if you have wavy hair like me then hair damage while straightening my hair were a big issue. The high ponytails were no different as with time they used to get loose and then you have to tighten them up or remake them wasting a lot of time. So, let’s see how JuvaBun hair extensions can help in such situations.

The JuvaBun Messy Bun and Straight Bun Hairstyle

When it comes to JuvaBun, messy bun, straight bun or ponytail, you just need three actions. First step is to gather all your hair in a bun or ponytail. Then second is to attach your JuvaBun messy bun scrunchie or claw clip ponytail. Third is to fix your hairstyle a bit and then you will be good to go. See how easy and fast it is to use these hair extensions.

Events I Wear My JuvaBun Extensions To

You can wear these extensions to create different hairstyles on different occasions. So, here are a few occasions where you can style these up and slay your look.

·   Formal Dinner

When it came to my formal dinner with coworkers, this premium quality hair bun extension was my go-to since it was incredibly easy to wear and maintain and stayed in the precise condition, making me seem stylish, presentable, and professional throughout the night.

·   Birthday Bash

Looking for a stylish but classy hairstyle with your outfit for a birthday party? Again, high ponytail extensions come in handy, as I created a high ponytail with a few strands of hair shadowing my facial frame and some modest earnings and enjoyed the birthday celebration.

·   Wedding Crash

Weddings are all about elegance and class, and I obtained a wonderful messy bun with some wedding accessories when I combined my JuvaBun’s straight bun with a pearl headband and received several comments on my hairdo.

·   Party Night

Is it party time? A top casual messy bun would suffice, so why not utilize JuvaBun’s messy bun extensions and avoid the bother of straightening or curling the hair to construct a bun?

·   Graduation Party

Graduation is a big day, and everyone wants to look their best, which is exactly what my sister did with the great JuvaBun ponytail extension. She achieved a beautiful look by creating a flawless back high ponytail for her graduation.

It was, in my view, the finest immediate item I had. These JuvaBun hair extensions make my life a lot simpler by reducing my hairstyling expenditures and time. If you’re seeking for a hairstyling game changer that works well with your hairstyles, this is the right option. Get one of them and enjoy any event you desire because it is said that excellent hair reflects perfect personality.

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