The 5 Most Popular Online Scams to Avoid in 2022

Just read an article of yet another online scam where the victim lost all of his savings? Scary, isn’t it? Well, online scams have only increased over the years as scammers find new tricks to scam others. This is mainly because of the advancement in technology, new software ,and new techniques. However, for people who get scammed, there are websites like ChargeBacking who can help you get your lost money back. 

If you want to be aware of these scams and want to stay away from them, then keep on reading. We have made a list of the 5 most popular online scams you need to be aware of and how you must keep yourself safe from. 

1- Tech Support Scam 

This is one of the most common scams out there that involves the scammer calling you or sending an ad as a tech support imposter, telling you that your computer is actually infected and that it needs to be cleaned, without actually checking the device before. 

The scammers convince the victim to download the application that is going to let them control the computer remotely and this way he will get rid of the virus from your laptop. Next, the scammer asks for money to fix the issue. One thing you need to remember is that if you ever get a call like this, never trust it. No legitimate company calls you up saying that something is wrong with your computer. 

2- Fake Shopping Website Scam 

Here is another really common scam out there. Now, you must have come across websites that offer amazing deals which seem too good to be true, right? Such websites offer a bundle of goods for a really discounted price and offer upto 80% off at times. This is done to catch your attention. Once you make the purchase from the website, say goodbye to your money since you are never going to get it back. In the worst case scenario, the scammer might have even got your personal information as well as card details. Detecting a fake website is actually not that hard. Scammers do not spend much on making their website pretty and user-friendly. You should actually search for reviews regarding the website and only then make a purchase. If the website is shady and doesn’t have many reviews, do not trust it!

3- Fake Investment Scams 

Fake investment scams include a scammer getting in touch with you acting as someone looking for investments which will lead to doubling the amount you invested in just a couple of hours. These scammers post their reviews through fake accounts and make you believe them. They are going to show you fake documents and related stuff to make you believe them. They are also going to convince you to wire you the money so that the money cannot be tracked. Once you end up sending the money, they block you from everywhere and disappear. It’s like they never existed! If someone ever comes to you making claims to make you a millionaire, do not trust the person at all. It is nothing but a scam! 

4- Phishing Scams 

Phishing is another common scam which basically involves a scammer taking the persona of someone trustworthy, maybe your friend, relative, neighbor etc. Now, what the scammer does is that he sends you a link with a message that convinces you to click it. This can be sent through social media accounts such as facebook, instagram, your emails, or texting apps like WhatsApp. Once you click the link, a virus enters your laptop which sends all your information to the scammer, including all your personal details and passwords. 

You need to be aware of how to detect a fake link. The first thing you can do is to take your time in reviewing the message and look for something weird. Are there any misspelled names? Poor grammar? Or anything related? If yes, then do not click the link at all. Another thing you can do is to move your cursor around the link and you will be able to see the full URL this way to make sure that it is a proper website. 

 5- Online dating Scams 

Online dating scams involve someone reaching out to you through a dating app or a social media website and acting like they have fallen in love with you. However, remember they do not do this all of a sudden. They use their charming ways to first gain your trust and make you like them a bit too much. Once they are successful doing that, they will start asking for money in tricky ways. For instance, they may ask for money saying that they are in need of money to get their medicines or their parents medicines or that they need money to buy groceries since they just lost their job. Do not trust such people as they are most definitely scamming you.

However, if you lose your money to online scammers despite taking all of the mentioned precautions, you can contact ChargeBacking to help you recover your money. With their expert team and years worth of experience, they will help you get your money back as soon as possible! 

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