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Dubai to Yas Island Theme Parks Day Trip Guide for 2022

Dubai is a great travel destination if you wish to truly enjoy your vacation. People specifically know Abu Dhabi for its amazing theme parks. The Yas island theme park is known to be one of the best parks in Abu Dhabi. They have some amazing activities which will make you instantly happy. They also have an amazing water park which is open from morning to evening. Booking tickets to this park is highly easy and simple as they are so accessible. One of the most discussed activities of this park is the Ferrari world. 

The creators have filled the Ferrari world with highly amazing rides and roller coasters which will get your blood running and adrenaline pumping. This park also has some of the world’s biggest roller coasters and highly unique activities. You won’t find these types of rides anywhere else in the world which is what makes the park worth all the money! The theme park is so large and widespread that you can stay there all day and still not experience everything. There is also another highly popular park called the Warner bros world theme park. This park too has some very unique activities to experience. Since this theme park is so large, being a new visitor there can be a little confusing. Hence, keep reading this article to make your journey easier. Here is a Dubai to Yas Island Theme Parks Day Trip Guide for 2022:

Get tickets: 

The first thing you need to do to visit this park is to get tickets. You can get these tickets online and turn them into an E-ticket. These tickets can help you enter most of the places in the park and get a smooth entry. They have a wide variety of tickets to choose from. The park has day passes and also two day passes. Once you get a ticket, you can visit at any of the open times of the parks. If you do not wish to buy them online, you can also buy the tickets at the venue itself. One of the best tickets that you can get is a one-day one park or two park pass with private transfers. They also have an explorer pass which will allow you to visit all three of the attractions under one ticket. They will tell you all the prices during the time of buying the tickets

Get a shuttle: 

These parks provide you with a free shuttle service. This is great if you are in Dubai and you wish to go all the way to Abu Dhabi but don’t know how to. The shuttle services are available from the Y6 route in Deira city centre whose entrances are beside the Aloft hotel. There is also another entrance beside the aloft hotel for the shuttle at Y7 route ibn Battuta Mall. These shuttles leave at 11 AM every day. All you need to do is visit these places and show them your E-ticket for your theme park.

Once your ticket gets approved, they will allow you to ride a shuttle to the island. This is amazing as you will not have to worry about finding the park as the shuttle will land you directly there. This will save you a lot of time and energy and will also make your travelling experience a lot smoother.

Use a public bus: 

Another way in which you can travel to the park is by using a public bus. If you do not wish to go through the shuttle, you can take a bus. This is an intercity bus which will directly take you to your destination. You need to catch a local bus from the Abu Dhabi bus station which will take you to the island. The bus number should be 190 which goes to the Ferrari world once every hour.

Stay over at Yas island: 

Since this park is so huge, people usually take more than two days to explore the whole place. However, travelling back and forth from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for so many days can be very difficult. Therefore, most people book a hotel at the park. The Yas Plaza has an inbuilt hotel which is highly comfortable and luxurious. This will make it very easy for you to stay on the island and have a full experience living there. You can easily visit the island the next day without having to struggle with travelling. This hotel is also amazing if you have kids as most of the rooms are themed which will make it a great experience for them.

What to pack: 

You need to make sure that you are fully packed before you visit this park. Because it is so huge, you will need a lot of essential items. There are a few things that you need when you plan your trip: a map and a guide to the park. This is important so that you don’t get lost and open fused with why you are visiting. Also, make sure to have a bunch of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Have sanitisers and a few snacks if you don’t wish to buy snacks from inside the park. If you’re going to stay over at night, pack a few essential items that you think you will need when you are staying over there. Also, take a long a few portable chargers so that you don’t have to worry about your electronics dying.

This was a short Dubai to Yas Island theme park day trip guide for 2022. We hope that this guide could make your trip to the islands a lot easier and smoother.

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