How Is LMS Useful in e-Learning?

Learning Management System, abbreviated as LMS, is an asset to modern education. It is software that helps plan education on an online platform. Although LMS has been in use for several years, it has gained immense popularity in the field of education in the past two years. Yes, it was the period when the whole world was facing the pandemic, COVID-19. During the lockdown, when students could not leave their homes and go to school, LMS became their digital school. Today, LMS is used by many schools and colleges to promote technology-based education. Many software developers design LMS as per the need of schools or other educational institutions. Few most commonly used school LMS are TalentLMS, Blackboard Learn, Canvas LMS, etc.


LMS is an integrated system that provides a digital place for users to carry out all the activities involved in the learning process. Teachers can upload courses, check students’ progress, and maintain their results records over an LMS. The basic features of LMS are listed below:

Helps to build courses and check students’ progress

LMS allows you to build a course for every topic mentioned in your school syllabus. Under each particular course tab, teachers can add study materials regarding the related topic. Once the students cover all the study materials uploaded by the teachers, the course is marked completed. In this way, teachers can track the performance of every individual student.

Supports multimedia 

LMS supports data in every format, whether a picture, video or pdf. Teachers can upload recorded lectures or provide students with the notes in a pdf or image format.


LMS can run on any device – an iOS or Android phone or a laptop. It makes LMS compatible with students’ use. The minimum requirement to use the perks of LMS is to have a smartphone. 

Allows video-calling

LMS has a feature that allows video-calling. Teachers can easily use the video calling feature to schedule online classes for students. 

Also maintains attendance

LMS has an inbuilt feature of maintaining records of total classes held by the teachers and entire classes attended by the students. Therefore, no need to take attendance verbally and waste class duration. LMS does it all!!!

Online assignment submission and marking

The teachers on the LMS can assign assignment works, and students can submit their assignments in any format. Even marking of the assignments can be done on the LMS itself. It has reduced teachers’ tasks where they can do totaling marks and prepare students’ results in one place.

User Interface

The UI of LMS is colorful and appealing. That is attractive to the students and keeps them engaged in an academic environment that is healthy for their minds.

Allows to take tests and give feedback

LMS has measures using which teachers can build tests for the students, which may include short quizzes, multiple-choice questions, or short answers. Also, they can share their feedback regarding the progress of every student and comment on their class response.


The perks of using LMS for education are unlimited. The way this single software collaborates all the class activities is wonderful. It has organized the teaching practice and gathered good responses from the students. The inbuilt features of this application save time and extra labor. LMS has made the teachers tech-friendly. Every institution provides training to their teachers describing how to use LMS. Therefore, LMS has not just lured students towards the path of modern education but the teachers too. 

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